29 May 2012

MNM's Make: A Glow in the Dark Bath = Mega Fun!

If I'd known how much fun this was going to be, I'd have done it YEARS ago. Although as Pinterest wasn't invented until recently, to be fair I'd never have seen it until now. Anywho I digress. This was quite simply the best $1.75 I have spent in my life. Seriously.

Take one pack of glow sticks, and a hot bath. Crack all but 2 of the glowsticks (depending on how many kids you have, as you might like to give them one each to crack) and put the rest in the bath. Take a few before videos and pics and try to contain your excitement.

Turn off the light in the bathroom, close the bathroom door and then run shrieking into the lounge like a madwoman "Oh my goodness, you have to come and see this, it's like the coolest thing ever. I'm so excited about bathtime. EEEEEEEEEEEK. Quick come on, clothes off. Let's go, let's go"

Meanwhile, your children are wondering if you have lost your mind but follow obediently behind asking "what mummy?" "What's happening?". You know you lost your mind a long time ago and they are probably used to their crazy mama by now!

And once all clothes are off, we enter.

To a room filled with purple, glowing light. And though I can't see the wonder on their faces, I can hear it in their voices. And I know that this was one of the coolest and easiest way to jazz up bathtime yet.

In what turned into a much longer than usual bath time, our glowsticks became:
  • rainbow fans for waving furiously to capture the moving light
  • light sabers (of course!)
  • submarines that dived down into the deep
  • rocket ships that zoomed out of the water
  • candles 
  • walrus teeth (although I did discourage them being put in mouths....just in case)
Oh so worth the fun, and we will be doing this again!

Go on - give it a go, and tell me it's not MEGA FUN!

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