25 May 2012

Things I'm Loving 25.5.12

I wholeheartedly believe that no matter what is happening in your life, there is always something you can be thankful for..no matter how simple it is.

And so begins...Saturday morning sport
Loving a little footballer in his gear who enthusiastically jumps out of bed and into his gear early every Saturday to play with his Sonic Sixers team the Bisons. This year Soccer NZ have changed the program so instead of one full game of football, the kids do four different stations of ball skills in the hour to increase their time on the ball which I think is a great way to encourage young kids to get more game time.

Star Wars Fastest and Funniest Lego
Loving this 4-minute take on the whole 6 episodes of Star Wars. Kinda makes me wonder why you'd need to sit through 10+ hours after watching this.....just kidding!

Condensation Snowmen
Loving seeing the morning sun streaming in through finger-painted condensation men early in the morning.

Crazy quick neon fish
Love the crazy, cool colours of these fast-swimming neon fish we spotted at the Animates pet shop the other day.

A boy, a bunny, and a bike
Loving how attached this boy is to his bunny. As you can see he even has a special spot, riding pride of place on the handlebars of his bike.

Train tastic
Love rediscovering our love for Thomas and creating different and unique tracks every time we get the train set out. I don't love how many batteries we go through or how every train seems to take completely different batteries and they're never the ones you have in the house, OR how one time some battery acid leaked on the carpet and has never ever come out, but I do still love the fun we have with it!

A glimpse into the future
Although I'm in no hurry for my boys to grow up, I love how in a certain light you'll get the odd glimpse in a photo of what they might look like in a few year's time. So precious. Maybe minus the food-rimmed mouth though...I'm still wondering when we might grow out of that one!

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Leonie said...

It's all about the kids isn't it :) Out girls love their trains too - luckily we're just on wooden battery-less ones so no hunting for batteries! Have a great weekend :)

Miriam said...

Love those faces - we off to get fish this afternoon!!

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Lots of great things to love there, Meg! Cute snowmen and what a proud little footballer :) Tiny has the same bunny as Mylo (imaginatively called Blue Bunny), but he's been relegated to the second tier of "bed friends".

Megan said...

Hi Meghan, linking up over at yours for the first time :) Have a great weekend, from Megan

Catching the Magic said...

LOVE that last photograph.

And Thomas - ah yes, we still have our track and it's always well used and has been the scene of many made up adventures :)

Your footballer looks so happy and smart in his kit.

Have a great weekend x

Sam said...

Some gorgeous pics there, love the star wars video, my son started soccer just recently, so we're enjoying soccer on saturday mornings now, great family outing! Enjoy your weekend :)

Bron said...

There is always so much to love with the kids.....thanks for the party. x


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