07 May 2012

The snack box

There are moments that define motherhood.

Like when we hear our baby's first cry as they enter the world.

Or when they say 'mama' for the first time and you know they mean you and it's not just random baby babble anymore.

There's the moment where you sit on the floor, arms reaching out as a tiny, happy face teeters towards you on wobbly, unstable legs for the first time.

OK....so the moments aren't always big milestones but the little moments, they also define us. And none more so for me than the joy of the snack box.

You might say it's just a plastic box, what's the big deal?

A few bits of fruit here, a few crackers there, biscuits and maybe even something chocolate to tempt the tastebuds. Nothing special, but ALL special at the same time.

But me? I see so much more than food placed in a rectangular container. 

It's not just the fact that I get to craft a careful and caring selection providing a little goodness and health balanced with some lovely, unexpected treats for my boys to share when we're out and about, but of course that is part of it.

It's really just the fact that I'm the mama....me...and sometimes I still have to pinch myself to believe it. Who knew that six years ago I'd be gazing into a lovingly prepared box of food with tears of gratitude in my eyes for this gift that is motherhood? Not me.

And yet, here I am, doing just that.

And I will never get tired of being able to put together that little snack box, nor the fact that I get to spend time hanging with my 2 most favourite little people in the world watching them enjoying it on all kinds of adventures.

The absolute enjoyment I get from creating that snack box is the epitomy of motherhood to me.

And yet I know there will come a time when they will grow out of needing or wanting the snack box, so for now I will simply enjoy the beauty in the fleeting moments of their youth, embracing each and every moment with my heart and soul.


Catching the Magic said...

Such a lovely, heart warming post! Oh you are such a lovely Mummy. Your boys are so very blessed to have you and Mark.

Have a great week x

Ange (Tall, Short and Tiny) said...

Awww, this is a lovely post! xx

Anonymous said...

I feel exactly the same way each time I pack my kids' lunchboxes :)


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