15 May 2011

The Enchanted Wood

We thought we were just going for a walk. A pleasant enough activity for a sunny Saturday afternoon. To a spot we've been before and before that too.

It started innocently enough. A few stones thrown into an inviting pool.

But as each stone landed with a gentle plop into the water, the landscape changed. The world was changing, rearranging right before our eyes.

Walking on, we found a bridge to cross over. 

A bridge between our world and this other-worldly world.

Where anything was possible.

Where something unexplainable was dancing in the air. 

Where fireflies and fairies were well within sight.

We wondered what else we might find in this enchanted wood.

For these were not just any trees. They were truly alive.

Hollow trees had been hideaways, not just to us....but to what? We were yet to find out.

 Are these just fallen logs....or a giant's hydro slide?

As we went further in, still further in, we found a waterfall - could this be a secret bathing spot?  Complete with a swinging vine to floss a giant pair of teeth with. 

Even more convinced that there was something here in this very wood, we found a fern that had clearly been used as a giant fan. 

With weary legs, we stopped to rest and ponder our next move. Gathering energy, getting sustenance. All the while wondering what might be out there, still to be found.

And so on we must go. Deeper in, and higher still.

The journey ahead is long and there are many miles to travel before we reach home. That is, if we are ever to reach home again.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Enchanted Wood tomorrow......

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