31 May 2011

In Denial

When this, the last weekend in autumn brings a crispness to the early morning air, you could be forgiven for wondering if winter might be just around the corner.

Was it cool enough to try out the new gloves? I think so!

With one child otherwise occupied on an outing with a friend, we relished the two-on-one time for the sacred gift that it was.

Which involved feeding not quite thawed bread crusts to hungry ducks, well as much bread as made it past the equally hungry mouth of a child anyway.

Then we let little feet run independently and confidently ahead.

Eyes taking in everything. Not missing a thing.

Little feet that took us as far as the rose gardens and begonia house. I was only expecting to see dead heads on bare rose bushes. So was simply wowed by a perfectly formed beauty soaking up the morning dew, while the fountain's spray shrouded other equally elegantly formed works of art in the distance.

We ventured indoors, where the warmth of the begonia house took our breath away. It was like leaving the crisp slopes of an alpine ski field and arriving in a beach resort in Thailand in just two small steps. A welcome relief from the crisp outdoors, but only for a moment, since dressed in several layers the humid, warm air became immediately overpowering.

Little fish crept out from underneath their lily pads to greet our inquisitive gaze.

While the lily stood out as purest white against it's own reflection in inky black waters.

And on the climb back upward through the gardens, a cheeky fantail treated us to a rare glimpse of his daily bath routine. Flicking water here and there, droplets flying through the air like sprinkles shaken to decorate a chocolate cake.

The day so warm now, we had shed several layers on the climb. And we caught our breath in silence, watching the city go about its Sunday business. Languidly, unhurriedly, its face turned to greet the sunshine.

This day allowing us to live a little longer in denial that winter will ever reach us here.

So for now, we'll indulge in this fantasy....for as long as the fantasy shall last.

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