20 May 2011

Things I'm Loving 20.5.11

♥ Cool Hands Warm Heart ♥

I was so inspired by the talented Dee’s art class project over at Dee*Construction yesterday. I love anything with primary colours and the opportunity to teach the cool colours and warm colours concepts with drawing at a degree of difficulty that even this usually uncoordinated spider hand could cope with really appealed to me!

So the minute we got home Wednesday night, we got straight into it. Noah was intrigued by the concepts and happily crayoned along beside me, whilst Mylo pulled the paper wrappers off all the crayons,  then tried to shove the paper wrappers in our mouths and happily stabbed away beside us with a felt tip on another piece of paper!

This is such an easy, yet creative way to teach art concepts. So much so, that we took our pictures into daycare Thursday morning to show the teachers and they spent their daily focus time trying it out with the children.

So you are world famous in Wellington too Dee!

♥ Warm Baths on Cold Nights 

There’s been a definite chill in the air these past nights. I even caught a glimpse of the first snow of the year on the ranges walking through town on Wednesday night.

All the more reason to enjoy a luxuriating soak in a lovely warm bath. Which is always accompanied by two smaller bodies these days. Yes, it does get a bit cramped. And there are arms and legs everywhere. But I love this family bath time we share. And I will be sad when the boys grow out of sharing baths with me – I’m not sure how far away that is for Noah, like when is it appropriate to stop? I mean so far it hasn’t been a problem so I guess I will just have to trust my instincts when the time comes.

♥ Brave Butterflies 

Wednesday night we arrived home to this.

We’d been watching the chrysalis over the past few weeks turn from green to camouflage and then gradually to black. And so we went off to work and daycare with a spring in our step wondering if today would be the day. And so it was.

The fact that this brave soul is choosing to come out into a world fast approaching winter defies the natural laws of nature. And to be honest, I like seeing that kind of spunk!

Thursday night we got home and he wasn't on his stalk. For a few horrible moments we thought Murphy might have gotten to him (yes I may have accidentally left the door to the lounge ajar that morning...eek!). But we eventually found our little friend hanging out on the bean bag. With some careful maneuvering I got him onto a piece of paper, and we released this beautiful creature into the hazy salmon twilight sky. Away he flew tentatively and then more confidently as the strength in his wings grew.  Far, far, away into his happily ever after.

♥ Cheap Photobooks 

I had some lovely comments after my Enchanted Wood posts suggesting it would be a great idea to turn this memory into a photo book. Well wouldn't ya know - Snapfish has a deal on till 30 May for a 13x18cm photobook for only $10 plus postage. You can get the deal by using coupon code BARGAINBOOKDM11 when you check out your order.

It would have been rude not to really! You can get a sneak peek of the finished book right here. For some reason, the front and back covers looks a little odd when viewing them on this slideshow but they don't in real life! Anywho, you'll get the gist!

♥ Insanity on a bike 

Gals if you have even a hint of daredevil in your man they will ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ LOVE ♥ this video. And guys, I DARE ya not to be in awe after watching this. I loved watching it, in fact I have watched it a few times now because I just can't stop - it thrills me every time! Although the scaredy cat in me thinking it utter madness with my heart in my mouth too! Be prepared for a couple of good stomach-dropping moments whilst watching this helmet cam view of a bike race through the streets of Valpariso Chile. This is some gutsy, incredible stuff!

Happy weekend everyone!

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