14 May 2011

Things I'm Loving 14.5.11

♥ Up Up and Away 
We have today farewelled Noah's lovely teacher Nikki who is off overseas on her big O.E. Noah and Nikki have developed a lovely close bond over the past few months, and I often find Nikki giving Noah piggybacks, or the two of them playing chase, or quietly reading together when I arrive each evening for pick-up. Nikki told me the most funny, innocent story that I just had to share - I nearly wet myself laughing when she told me via Facebook chat last weekend.

Last Friday afternoon, some small people from the younger side of daycare (including Mylo) had come to visit the older children. One small person who may or may not be related to me (ahem Mylo again) was found throwing Mobilo (plastic building blocks) out the first story window onto the pavement below. Note I said may or may NOT be related to me?! Nikki and Noah went downstairs together to rescue the Mobilo off the footpath and whilst downstairs, Noah pointed out our car to Nikki which had been parked across the street each day (with Mark being away). Nikki suggested that it would be a really cool idea to decorate the car with some balloons as a fun surprise for Mummy. And was most astonished when Noah burst into tears at the thought. Nikki asked him what was wrong, to which he wailed "But I don't want the car to fly away!"

I knew as soon as Nikki said it that Noah's little mind must have been thinking back to the scenes out of the movie UP. You know?!

Bless his little 4.5 year old cotton socks!

♥ Just another Tuesday night in my house 
Because a girl can enjoy flat 3-day old Lindauer Fraise together with Simone's amazing Tiramisu and a Rooibos tea all at the same time without anyone battering an eyelid right?!

And speaking of Tiramisu ♥
Wowwee! We finally made Simone's fantastic Tiramisu recipe after hubby brought back a bottle of Baileys duty free from his trip to Melbourne. Golly me, it was good! Head on over to Greatfun4kids to grab the super easy and authentic tasting recipe here.

Boil-up Concert ♥
And just what, I hear you ask, is a boil-up? In anticipation of Maori Language Week, Noah's daycare held a traditional boil-up lunch (we'd donated a carrot and a garlic to be part of the concoction) and the kids performed some beautiful Maori songs for the parents one lunchtime last week. So fabulous seeing all the kids trying so hard to sing in time with action and even using poi for some of the songs. And seeing Noah by far the tallest boy there, and now the oldest as of this week singing away confidently warmed the cockles of this mumma's heart.

Little Fish ♥
Noah had his first swimming lesson last weekend. This is going to be his activity in place of football since we're giving the winter season a miss (fair weather folk I know!) and the rest of his old daycare mates have also moved onto doing school-based sports etc. So he started out in the beginner class with the other kids who'd not done a lesson before. But by the end of the half hour, they'd kicked him out of the beginner class and into the next level as his confidence and ability was apparent. So now he gets to hang out with his good friend B who just happens to be in the higher level class. Which as you can imagine he is pretty stoked about too. Now if we can just get them to both maintain concentration for the whole half hour we'll be doing well!

Disclaimer: And by the way these fish-like tendencies are all from daddy's genes! Despite many paid-for swimming lessons throughout primary school, I still can't swim a length and breathe properly in the water. Give me aqua-jogging any day. Not that that will save me in an emergency mind you....sigh.

♥ Mothers Day Treats ♥

Our walk in the gardens was by far the highlight of my Mothers Day. And that wasn't to say the rest of the day wasn't amazing....cos it was! It started with 3 lots of footsteps trumping up the stairs to my bedroom to greet me - still feeling very under the weather that day and glad to have had the bed to myself the night before to clear phlegm and blow my nose to my heart's content throughout the night!

I had been lying in bed trying to decide whether Mark would even have remembered Mothers Day (having been away all week) and was mentally preparing myself not to be disappointed if he hadn't remembered. Clearly I should have given him more credit, when he turned up, armed with some cute duty-free Harajuku perfume, a bottle of Alan Scott dessert wine and a lovely some-kind-of-celebration turned last-minute Mothers Day card.

Whilst having a relaxing morning at home with the boys, we tossed around the decision of whether to still go out for brunch as I'd bought some cheap Grab One vouchers and booked a table at our local Huckleberry Cafe earlier in the week. I had kinda figured if he had forgotten the day, I'd at least be guaranteed a celebration of sorts! Anyway, we nearly didn't leave the house as I was still pretty shady, and it was windy and not very uninviting weather out. But in the end, we decided to get amongst it, and took our stale bread to feed the ducks on the way to the cafe.

And the rest, as they say, is history. I know there are times where you deliberately choose NOT to do something - for whatever reason, too tired, too sick, too busy, too whatever. But YET AGAIN I am blown away by the fact that the most BEAUTIFUL moments to be had in this life are the unexpected moments of beauty that could so easily NEVER have happened if we hadn't made a conscious effort to enable the moment to come to pass.

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Nikki said...

Love it!! Thanks for the mention! I don't think I'm ready to say goodbye to you guys yet!! Maybe coffee next weekend? I'll be in touch! xx

Simoney said...

Love it.
That last line of your post is profound. We make an effort and the magic will happen in the most surprising and wonderful ways.

LOVE that you loved the tiramisu!!!
thanks for the link :)

Luv Simone

Catching the Magic said...

Such a lovely post, as always and glad you had a superb Mother's Day.

The tiramasu looks very amazingly scrumptious.

Love Noah's vivid mind with the balloon story, bless him and well done on the swimming front Noah! Also love the way you've cleverly highlighted his face in his daycare pic. The boil up and singing all sounds fantastic.

Hope you have a great week and love your words at the end of this post x

jacksta said...

Love how the little minds think...poor Noah thinking the car would float away!
How cool is the boil up concert...the stuff they teach our little people is amazing!
i like that last paragraph too. Great life lesson in living in the moment and being more spontaneous.

PaisleyJade said...

What an awesome group of things to love - still chuckling at the car and balloons... sometimes our little folk are so cute!

Loving everything... and that last paragraph is awesome and sooooo true. xoxo


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