06 May 2011

Things I'm Loving 6.5.11

I have to admit it's been really tough to find lots to love about this week.

I've loved the company of Jackie and Heidi. Their company and help around the house and with the boys certainly made a tough week SO much easier to bear. I've not loved feeling very below par all week whilst Mark's been away with a rotten cold, sore throat, tickly throat, jaw ache and a couple of nasty nasty mouth ulcers to name but a few of the current ailments! I also have a renewed sense of appreciation for how much WE manage to get done as a team so effortlessly when we're both here playing to our individual strengths. Read: cooking and cleaning up after myself as I go is definitely one of his and NOT mine! 

I've not loved extreme busyness at work, which is unfortunately set to continue for the foreseeable future, but who wants to hear about that? Not you and not me!

So, casting this un-noteworthy week aside, at least last weekend, there was plenty to love. At a regular visit to our 'Best Little Zoo in the World'.

Loving a little ragamuffin finally sporting a haircut! 

Love how the fence and mama deer almost look like double vision in this shot! 

Love how up close and personal we get with our favourites! 
Love the otter's squeak and the gracefulness of the giraffe.

Love being able to go a little wild on the bongo drums in the African village 

Loving the new Emperor tamarin monkey enclosure all decked out South American style. It's so cool even I want to live there!

Loving the thought of poking my tongue to get hubby to pull finger with the kids!

 Loving the fact that in this pic these guys look nothing like the vicious Cape Barren Geese they are in real life!

Loving these beautiful Nepalese prayer flags dancing in the breeze over the Red Panda enclosure.

Whilst I don't love the thought of animals in a zoo, especially having had the opportunity to see them in the wild in Africa which is the most incredible experience, I'm also realistic that for most people, a zoo is as close as they will ever get to the real thing. And when you have a zoo as committed to the animals and to continual improvement as our 'Best Little Zoo In the World' is, it's always a wonderful, not sorrowful experience.

Loving the great value of the annual passes we buy - not only do they support the zoo with it's ongoing development, but they are such a good deal when one trip would otherwise cost $50-$60 for a family!

And last, but definitely not least, loving the words of friendship and hope in a wonderful card I received in the mail yesterday.

Her timing (not to mention God's knowing this was just what I needed!) was just spot on. It was my biggest highlight in an otherwise nondescript and un-noteworthy week I am glad is over! Thanks lovely lady, you know who you are ;-)

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