16 May 2011

The Enchanted Wood: Part 2

So there we were. Deep in the midst of a great adventure. No, make that a grand adventure. One to tell our children and maybe even our children's children.

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We were searching desperately to find a way back from the enchanted wood. Wondering what more there was out there for us to find.

Wondering if we would ever return to the life we knew.

Suddenly there came a noise. What was that? A flapping of wings and a rustling of branches. Hoo hoo to you too, Mr. Kereru. 

With hearts a flutter, we tentatively moved on.

Noticing now, the light getting brighter, not darker. Did this mean we were on the right path?

And suddenly...right before us, there he was. We couldn't believe our eyes. The one whose home and habitat we had been trespassing on these many hours.

But on this still and sunny afternoon, thankfully, he is in the deepest of sleeps.

So we crept on by unnoticed. Slowly, carefully. Shhhhhhhh....

And as we slipped past that sleeping face, we emerged back out into the sunlight. To daylight. To a world we had all but forgotten in that brief interlude.

Time that could have been, and seemed to be, forever. But in reality was just a moment.

And so we must go back to our normal lives.

All that is left to us is the memories.

The lingering thoughts of stolen moments in a world not ours, merely lent to us. We have to pinch ourselves and look around....wondering did that just really happen?

But the memories will be strong.

We will go on dreaming of sunlight streaming through towering trees.

And light dancing where only light can.

The memories will stay....and not just in our hearts.

In the twinkle in our eyes.

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