01 June 2011

The $2 day

{They say} every day is a gift.

So why is it that some days are quite obviously the cheap $2 shop plastic variety that fall apart as soon as you touch them?

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Maybe it's so when we receive the exquisitely crafted days that you just know a lot of love and care have gone into, days which are full of time for thoughtful reflection and feeling full-to-the-brim in love with life that we actually realize how truly special these days are.

After all, don't we have plenty of  $2 shop days to compare them to?!

Lets face it. We'd rather start each day thinking it's gonna turn out to be a gift of value and not trash. We'd much rather get the treasure and not the plastic junk every time wouldn't we?!

But life's not really like that though is it let's face it. Not really. We don't always get to choose between the two. Sometimes $%*& just happens!

There's another saying 'One man's trash is another man's treasure'. So the way I see it, when we're faced with the knowledge that this is gonna be a $2 day, there's two things we can do with it.

For one, we could stop to think about those so much less fortunate than us. Those that elsewhere in the world would be lucky enough to even scrape together one of our crappy $2 days across an entire year. The day that we dismiss as junk and long to be over and forgotten would be their absolute treasure. Having a solid roof over our heads, warm food in our bellies, and no immediate danger from civil war, for us this is a given, but for them, just a dream.  For them the exquisite, perfect gift of a day that we know and enjoy from time to time doesn't even exist in their world. Suddenly our tacky $2 day seems to go a long way again...doesn't it?

The other thing we can do is hold on. Keep holding out for that perfectly made, beautifully crafted, precious gift of a day. 

It might not be today, and......it probably won't be tomorrow. There might still be a hell of a lot of $2 days to get through first.

So despite what today brings, whether it turns out to be a tacky cheap $2 imitation or the real deal, it IS still a gift.


You know....we only get one shot at it. 

Let's not wish it away just because of $2 days. 


Nikki said...

Love this, it was totally how I was feeling the other day and then I read that Dr Suess book! x

Catching the Magic said...


Dee said...

Great thoughts Meghan! Thanks! So true about being grateful for and appreciating what we have. Actually a really powerful move to make in the midst of an otherwise $2 day. Can completely change your perspective. Good stuff!

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

I had a magical day today after a $2 day yesterday. The $2 day made us take some action which led to the magical day. Great post!!!

jacksta said...

I'll never look at the $2 shop the same again ;) Although our local one has become a $2-5 one...whats up with inflation!
We are super blessed in this country, a crappy day here is probably the best day for someone living in poverty could ever hope for.

Elizabeth said...

Love it - thanks for the reminder that $2 days don't last forever (and are really NOT that bad after all)!

Gail said...

Awesome stuff Meghan - have just been dwelling on this for a post too.....


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