26 June 2011

Lyrical & Wordless Sunday: Mid-Winter Christmas

If you're playing along with Lyrical Sunday, go ahead and read the words and the pics.

If you're playing along with Wordless Sunday, just pretend the words are a complete figment of your imagination, cos I hope once you read the poem, you'll forgive me  for being a little wordy! *wink*

In the bitter cold and dark
I need something more to warm my heart

When the days are short and the night is long
I must learn the words to a different song

Listen Oh my heart to the voice inside
The one that says 'embrace' not 'hide'

Fight off this gloom to gather cheer
Enough to surpass these winter years

Cheer allows my heart to soar
Surrounded by tinsel and snowflakes and festivities more

Among dear friends we raise a toast
As we celebrate this day, our Lord the gracious first host

Forget for a time wearisome winter ails
Simply enjoy this moment before resolve can fail

So be brave and true, stand firm O Tree
Allow us to so bejewel thee

Light up, light up, you twinkling lights 
And throw your light far into the cold, dark night

                                                                                        This week..not so......

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