25 June 2011

What you don't see....

We're all Mid Winter Christmassed out over here. Feeling full and fat and fair tuckered out! Full up of far too much good food -  2 roast chickens and a roast pork, roast veg, cheesy broccoli/cauliflower, with a pumpkin pie and sticky date pud to finish us off completely!

It was a lovely afternoon/evening celebrated with four other families - 10 adults and 6 kids, and I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to go mad with decorating the tree, and couldn't resist throwing festivity into a few other nooks and crannies around the place too :-)

The tree was up by mid-morning, gingerbread were baked by lunchtime, and carols were sung along to with great gusto on and off throughout the day.

But what these pictures don't show you is...

Poor Mark has had a really bad back since Thursday morning. It seems to flare up about once a year and so it picked a great weekend to hit - but he battled on cooking all the roast meat and veg dosed up to the hilt on painkillers - that's my hero!.

Mylo clung (somewhat unusually) like a limpet to my leg throughout the entire proceedings crying 'cuddle, cuddle' which made it near impossible to entertain and engage in more than a quick conversation here and there.

One of our life group crew had to have 3 hours of emergency dentistry during the day today, and very nearly didn't make it, but in the end battled on through the pain and numbness - we salute you!

And another of our crew came along despite not feeling very well, then decided to go home early, but didn't get far before throwing up out in the street. Get well soon love!

Ah yes, the best laid plans.....

Despite the various challenges and setbacks, I'd do it all again tomorrow.

Well maybe not tomorrow...yawn......

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