03 June 2011

Things I'm Loving 3.6.11

♥ Lovely Gals 
I thank God for IRL (that's IN REAL LIFE in case you were wondering!) friends who love you for who you are, who have a shared faith in God and believe in 'doing life together'. We were missing one of our regular crew but enjoyed a dinner out at Wagamama this week instead of our usual deep and meaningful Tuesday night discussions.

Oh Koumi lamb on udon noodles how I loved you!

♥ Boots made for walking 
I'm a flat heeled shoe kinda gal. I have never got to grips with wearing high heels, even in boots - it just gives me back ache after about five minutes, and I'd much rather my tootsies were comfortable than screaming 'help let me outta here' every time I put on a pair of shoes. I never spend much on shoes or boots - that's why the Number One Shoe shop is my best friend, and is probably why my boots tend to only last two seasons before falling apart. But hey - when you can pick up a bargain at $20 for a pair of boots who really cares if they only last  a couple of years given that styles change hugely in that time! Oh and these were from The Red Shed otherwise known as The Warehouse this time round!

The test for me whether they were worth the purchase is how far I can walk in them without getting sore feet before wishing we (me and the shoe) had never met. Well today I walked ten minutes from work to daycare, and then later a fifteen minute walk along the waterfront back to work after a meeting without a single yelp to be heard from my toes pounding the pavement. Success!

♥ Party Planning 
I'm not one to promise much and deliver little. In fact it's one of my biggest bug bears in life {and more on that next week as I have a confession to make about a promise I'm fast failing at :-( And it's going to pain me to do so but I know I need to get it off my chest}. Anyway on a lighter note, there is some serious planning going on in our household right now, as we prepare to take on Darth Vader and the Death Star in the Party of the Year (well for us anyway). The past two years we've opted for a party out at a kids play land which is easy in some respects as the kids just run around on the bouncy castle and climbing frames until they run out of steam, at which point you feed them enough sugar so that they go run around some more. But this year the party is coming home to mumma.

Home, to where the creativity can flow unchecked. I have SO SO many ideas running around in my little brain right now that I fear I might have be reined in at some point before it all goes too OTT (over the top!). But I'm beginning to wonder is that even possible, I mean isn't OTT half the fun?

Here's a sneak peek of the invite to the Big 5th Birthday Party - I'm sure there will be more posts along this line as the theme develops over the next few weeks:

And kudos to Sarah and Simone whose previous Star Wars Parties here and here have paved my way with some great inspiration :-)

♥ Unexpected Park Play 
A couple of quick fire loose nappy episodes (need I say more!) meant we got 'the call' at 10am Monday from daycare asking us to come and pick up Mylo. So that meant I was off for the rest of the day juggling work deadlines and a little boy who wasn't about to let Mum just get on with it without trying to assist with pushing the screen and every button on the laptop. After his afternoon nap we took a walk up to the park, where he enjoyed the fresh air and I simply enjoyed him.

♥ Bagpipe video 
Wouldn't this make YOU smile if you heard these soulful notes wafting towards you on the Friday evening air? I captured this guy standing outside Manners Mall Burger King serenading evening commuters as I was waiting to cross the street at the traffic lights. It made my heart simply sing and I headed off to my weekend buoyed by this rousing tune.

Happy loooooooooooooooooooong weekend everyone in NZ!

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Anonymous said...

Visiting froom PJ's - what a great list you posted. What a blessing to have great friends huh? I enjoyed reading :)

Anonymous said...

love and light M

Anonymous said...

Loved the unexpected park afternoon. Sometimes, those turn out to be the best ones. :)

Renee said...

Oh wow, how lucky are you to have such a gorgeous group of girlies to hang out with on a regular basis! Love wagamamas!

No good your wee man was sick, but perhaps a blessing in disguise that you got that one on one time with him too? I'm sure he loved it and forgot all about being sick!

PaisleyJade said...

Thanks so much for joining in - I always love your list and beautiful photos. Bag pipes are my fav!!

Dee said...

Loving all those things too! Especially the little impromptu date at the park. Fun!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

What a great week, although I hope the wee man is feeling better.
I LOVE LOVE bag pipes tooooo!
Looking forward to hearing more about this birthday party. I'm wondering though, will you be dressing as Princess Laya?? Better get that mid winter spray tan booked now hun!!
A great theme, can't wait to see more posts :-)


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