10 June 2011

Things I'm Loving 10.6.11

♥ Our Very Own Somerset Hero ♥

Our lovely English Mummy, or Grandma as she is known to the boys had rather a special night out last week. Which she kept quiet and only told us at the last minute, modest mummy that she is.

The BBC Somerset sponsored the inaugural Somerset Hero awards with the following guidelines: Nominations are open to people of all ages who may have overcome adversity, an illness, or perhaps have given something back to their community.

Mark's Mum was nominated by one of her friends for the volunteer work she has undertaken with stroke victims at Yeovil District Hospital in Somerset. She goes along every week and supports and encourages those who have been recent victims of strokes. We know that her gentle way would be an encouragement in itself, but even more that that, sharing her own journey  since suffering a stroke in August 2008 is a real motivation and gives others real hope for their own futures. To see Grandma now, you would never know that she had a stroke such has been her determination and hard work to get back the life she knew.

We are so proud of you Mum, and loved that we were able to share in your special 'live' moment on BBC Radio Somerset talking about the award. The wonders of the Internet that we were able to listen to live radio in the UK, and record it for other family and friends to hear. Here's what our lovely mummy had to say about her work and the award:

And here's the link to the photos, with our lovely mummy at photo number 7 of the bunch.

♥ Jungle Book Comics 

I'm keen to know if other lovely peeps out there who grew up in Christian homes remember these fabulous comic books and cassette tapes? I'm not sure what made me think of them, but one day recently they just randomly popped into my head. So in fact, I'm pretty sure it was God reminding me! I asked Nana & Poppa whether they still had them, and they were dusted off from out of a box and duly brought down to Gee Gee's when they visited her a couple of weeks back so that we could pick them up over Queens Birthday weekend. In the meantime, I'd had a search on the Internet for them, and was somewhat sad to see the original comics are out of print, but have been re-printed in updated versions which you can find here.

While I was searching, I also came across a Christian Internet resource library called Max7. If you are in children's ministry or want free Christian resources for your own kids, you should definitely check it out! I contacted them to ask how to access the Jungle Doctor videos and cassettes they had listed on the site, and a wonderfully obliging girl replied to say that they were still in the process of building that part of the site, but that she would burn all of the stories onto DVD (they are still slideshows of the pages of the comics with the original audio cassette voice over accompanying it) and send them (from Aussie) to me for free. How totally awesome is that?!!!!

Noah and I spent a good part of the weekend at Gee Gee devouring all the comics my mum and dad had found. We read about 'The Goat Who Wanted to Become a Lion' 'Safe as Poison' and 'The Great Wall' to name a few of the favourites. And the DVDs arrived from Australia this week too, so I have enjoyed cuddling up under the duvet with Noah these past few nights to watch them together. Each story has wonderfully simple Christian concepts captured in a story that kids can identify with. It certainly took me back to my childhood reading them all again! Happy happy memories.

♥ Back in time 
Saw this at Puke Ariki Museum last weekend in New Plymouth, and had to laugh. It made me think...did I suddenly get old and no-one told me?! We had one of these exact models, colour and all! Did anyone else have one of these lurking in their cupboard in years gone by?

♥ Dr Seuss 
When I took this picture last weekend, all I could think of was that it looked like a scene out of a Dr Seuss book. Are ya with me?

♥ Free parenting webinars 

At the moment, The Parenting Place has free parenting webinars for all! I've loved listening to the Mums and Sons webinar, and plan to listen to a couple more before the free period runs out. FREE until 2 August 2011 thanks to AMI Insurance, Parents Inc's. principal supporter. Here's the list:

What a fabulous opportunity to hear sound advice from well-respected experts on parenting!

Wishing you all a Blessed and Happy Weekend!

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