06 June 2011

Thanks Queenie

Thanks….for the long weekend that is. It’s Queens Birthday weekend in NZ, the last of our long weekends until late October, which is a long haul through the coldest part of the year!

It started with a good old roadie up to the Naki on Saturday morning to spend the weekend with Gee Gee. Apart from the coffee made with ‘off’ milk at Bulls which was totally undrinkable and an only slightly better replacement at Wanganui, it was a quick and easy trip. The birds at Virginia Lake were in fine form to greet our leg stretching halfway through the five-hour trip.

Sunday, Gee Gee shouted us a lovely brunch at Arborio followed by a walk around the local museum, Puke Ariki. 

I was most enthralled by an exhibition on War Brides – beautifully displayed with pictures of the women painted onto wood.

After a visit from my uncle and cousins, we felt the need for a dose of fresh air to avoid the onset of cabin fever which had threatened all afternoon, so a late stroll down to the river was the answer. We couldn’t believe how the water was raging compared to six weeks ago when we were here at Easter.

I was awakened early on Monday morning by little fingers tickling my toes in the dark. Mum, mum, I’ve lost my tooth. Oh great, says sleepy me, can I have a look? The light of the iPhone confirmed indeed a hole replacing the spot where a tooth had been just last night. But I need you to help me look for it, says he, I dropped it on the floor in the dark. Awesome, just the wake-up call I wanted at 6am! I searched for a few minutes but gave up and went to bed giving him some books to read, returning for a much more successful hunt once it was properly light. He’s gone to bed tonight with his tooth under an eggcup, waiting for a visit from the Tooth Fairy. I must admit I’ve been taken a bit by surprise by the suddenness of it all. A slightly wobbly tooth on Friday turning into the loss of his first tooth three days later at not quite 5… where has my baby gone?

Overall, today dawned brighter, and so we high-tailed it back to the ‘whale’ bridge as we’ve named it.

We shared our sojourn with early morning surfers, seagulls, dewy spiderwebs and silken skies.

So despite the frequent showers all weekend, we have been so fortunate to be able to get out amongst it, making the most of every rain-free moment to embrace the outdoors.

And it is still incredibly warm…for winter. The daffodils and jonquils are already out at Tupare – I think they must assume we’ve skipped a season straight into spring. I don’t blame them, it’s been so mild – apparently it was the warmest May on record!

Mylo has proven to have boundless energy by choosing to walk over sitting in the stroller most of the time, and has been regaling us with his vocabulary which is growing on a daily basis. This weekend there’s been lots of ‘No, stop’ or ‘Stop please’ – usually when he’s had enough of rough n tumble, ‘coffees’ ‘thank-you’ ‘bunny and giraffe?’ when looking for his favourite toys.

There’s been plenty of indoor trampolining on two single mattresses we’ve had set up in the lounge (for me and Mark to get a good night’s sleep sans children) , plenty of book reading, skittles, and eating up a veritable storm with Gee Gee’s home cooking. 

Ah…..just the way all good long weekends should be.


Elizabeth said...

Awesome family photos! Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love the photos you get of your family! They are always gorgeous! I love the ones of you and the little man...
You sure are beautiful friend xxx

Anonymous said...

looks like a lovely time Meg
love the block and white of the boys waling away
and the family shots are excellent

love and light

Dee said...

Beautiful post! Sounds like a perfect long weekend! Lovely to see some pics of you too! :)

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Totally gorgeous photos hun. The family portraits are AMAZING!!! You are all so beautiful. Yummy mummy you sure are sweetie!!! ;-)
Looks like a really fun weekend, lots of great activity and wonderful photo opportunities. Well done..love it xx


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