03 April 2011

Doing it for the kids

There's a popular Robbie Williams song that you'd all know. It's the one that goes:

And we'll paint by numbers
'Til something sticks
Don't mind doing it for the kids
(So come on) jump on board
Take a ride (yeah)
(Doin' it all right)
Jump on board feel the high
'Cause the kids are alright

And so, that's really how our afternoon adventure started.

Wellington had put on a day that any Indian summer would be proud of. I had this brainwave walking home from town after my pamper package that we take a trip to town to ride a croc bike along the waterfront. I'd been wanting to do this as a family for ages. It didn't quite make it onto my Summer Bucket List back when I wrote it, but it has been up there on the wish list. Besides, I knew that days like this don't come along often in Wellington, especially not mid-way through autumn. But I had also banked on a bit of resistance from the man about the house. Him being not so keen on croc bikes, thinking they're a bit gimmicky and touristy, and he'd rather not thanks very much.

So in the end, I didn't give him much choice in the matter. And after a few minutes of humphing, I managed to talk him round. I think the line 'honey, we're not doing it for us, we're doing it for the kids' might have been what swayed the matter. Must remember that for next time *wink wink*

Though strangely, for someone who really wasn't keen, I think its safe to say even he enjoyed himself. And the little people had a ball, which was really all that mattered.

We stopped halfway to share gorgeous gelato from Kaffee Eis, and then we were back on our way again, maneuvering around throngs of people, who had also clearly realised this day was one out of the box.

Not wanting the afternoon to be over, but seeing the crowds clambering all over the playgrounds in town, we headed on up to our local park. The appeal of the place is not just the serenity of having it almost to ourselves.

It's also the caw caw of the native kaka low flying over us, and the late afternoon sun streaming through the trees bordering Zealandia, warming our bodies and our hearts.

But still we wished for more. For one last gasp. One last moment to savour before the end of the long summer nights. So off to the fish n chippie I went, returning a few minutes later with a feast fit for the family.

Fish n chips are a treat whenever we have them. But eaten straight from the paper at the park, well I swear they've never tasted better.

And let me tell you about the light, oh the light, this late in the day. That gorgeous late afternoon vividly clear light where a boy stood mesmerised by another family's football game. On one hand itching to get in on the action. But also entranced, delighted in watching it all from the sidelines.

And I saw in these moments a glimpse of the boy he is becoming.

I see another boy, barely still a preschooler who is growing daily before my eyes. Whose cuddles I am especially delighting in right now.

And I am still in awe of the God who creates such deliciousness in these small packages.

Summer may be over, the nights may be closing in. And I'm well aware we may not get another day like this for quite some time.

So imagine what might have happened if we hadn't gone along with the idea of 'doing it for the kids'. A whole afternoon of fabulous memory making that never would have happened. And that is what seizing the day is all about.

This afternoon I think a valuable lesson was learnt. That is important it is to put aside our hang ups and judgments, as well as our normal routines and schedules from time to time. Of course it would have been easier, cheaper, less hassle just to hang out at home on a sunny afternoon. Which would have been nice too don't get me wrong.

But this, this, is what we would have missed. .

Carpe Diem.....

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