27 April 2011

NZ Roadtrippin

I had plenty of thinking time available on the 5 hour journey to the Naki (Taranaki) over Easter weekend. And I decided that taking a road trip in NZ is a unique event. So I came up with a selection of NZ roadtrippin facts. Fellow Kiwis you should identify with one or two of these!

You know you're on a road trip in NZ when....

Hot air balloons appear out of a field in the middle of nowhere

Pony poo is advertised on the side of the road

A majestic mountain decides to grace you with its presence for the journey. And then proceeds to hide itself completely for the rest of the weekend.

Jet trails light up the sky in every which direction

You count no less than 15 milk tankers on the way

Following one for miles…

And miles……

And miles……

And still more miles....

The roads are mostly one lane and windy

So when you see signs like these it's cause for instant celebration

And where I come from people hugging larger than life plastic cows don’t seem at all out of place

And every sleepy town you pass through looks a little like the one before.

Welcome to my world!

Disclaimer: if there is any doubt in your mind that I may not have enjoyed this road trip, think again. It was lush - that is, compared to the 5.5 hour return journey in torrential rain with an extra half an hour stuck in the long weekend traffic returning to Wellington.

Yup, I'll take cows and milk tankers and windy country roads any day thanks!

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