24 April 2011

Easter Expeditions

A few snippets of our expeditions over this long Easter weekend...

A whale of a tail
I’ve always thought the coastal walkway in New Plymouth is world class. I love running it, walking it and even biking it. This weekend we ventured to the northern end to see the newly designed and much acclaimed Te Rewa Rewa bridge. Designed in the shape of a whale skeleton, it is in stunning contrast to the river banks, grass and water that surround it, and yet not at all out of place this close to the coast.

One could almost imagine a whale being beached inland and its skeleton remaining as a scar on the landscape in the shape of the bridge.

Fun-Ho Toy Museum
If you are over thirty and live in NZ, you’re likely to have had a sibling or parent who owned Fun-Ho toys. I know my brother and dad both owned a Fun-Ho tractor in their childhood as my mum still has them at her house, and because I happened to spot the exact models in the museum today. Fun-Ho toys were an institution in NZ from the 1930’s till the late 1980’s made locally­­ in the workshop in Inglewood employing up to fifty people. Unfortunately they couldn’t compete after import tariffs were removed and the market got flooded with cheap imported plastic toys. But it was wonderful that someone had the foresight to want to keep this important piece of local history and open the Fun-Ho toy museum so that future generations can still see all the toys on display, some of which were in immaculate condition. Of course the Punch Buggy models were the first thing that were spotted by Noah!

When crunchy met splashy
‘I can’t believe you haven’t taken me here before’ This was hubby in disbelief as we walked from GeeGee’s house to the beautiful Waiwakaiho River in under ten minutes. The burnt gold and russet brown colours and crunchy leaves added to the autumnal magic, while the mirror-clear fast-flowing pool just begged for a spot of rock throwing, each SPLOSH and SPLASH echoing loudly, cutting through the quiet Saturday morning air. Hubby is now determined to return in the summer for a swim in the river pool, although it'll be armed with insect repellent after getting tagged about five times in as many minutes.

There's something carefree about throwing leaves. Is it the knowing that you can throw to your hearts content and for once no one minds the mess?

And no mistaking this one for a tree, no matter how he might try.

Heave ho.. as we await the inevitable KER-SPLOSH that follows.

Today was the first day that I have noticed the definite change in season. There was no mistaking the golden hues surrounding us, and the crunching leaves underfoot.

And if I were an insect...
I’d want to live in the Wanganui winter gardens. Each road trip we take to the Naki isn’t complete until we've had our leg-stretching break here. From the vibrant indoor displays of colour...

to the weird and wonderful sculptures and designs outside....

it is a truly a sight worth seeing. And it makes a very nice change from hours and hours of staring at cows, tankers and green fields!

I love the colours in these last two pics. It seems even the bougainvillea and berries are singing the undeniable song 'autumn is in the air'.


Sarah (Catching the Magic) said...

Oh my goodness Meghan! These photographs are absolutely divine and such a treat to look at. Your family will love them - and you too - such treasures!

I really must get away up to that part of the country one holiday soon! Looks so beautiful and you've captured Autumn in all its glorious colour.

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

My gosh..what a beautiful post. Love it all xxxxx

Especially the gorgeous boy pretending to be a tree :-)


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