09 April 2011

We're going on a mouse hunt

Instead of we're going on a bear or lion hunt, this time we're going on a mouse hunt. And some of us WERE scared. Yeah, umm...that would be me! Supervising proceedings from up high on a chair. Using the excuse of taking photos when really I had NO intention of getting my toes anywhere NEAR Mr. Mouse.

We'd been all settled in for a movie night with Nana & Poppa (guess the movie if you can!) when we were rudely interrupted by Murphy bringing in a mouse.

But this was not just any mouse. This was the fastest mouse in the west. Speedy Gonzales in fact. It took all four of us over half an hour to catch him. He was the most cunning of critters, knowing all the tricks in the book. From wine cabinet, to TV cabinet, to wires behind TV cabinet, to climbing up inside the clothing designed to block his escape. You name it, he tried it. 

Until we got wiser. And started blocking off all his escape routes.

It was only a matter of time really. But by this time we were laughing ourselves silly, both at how he was managing to outwit us for so long, the speed he was getting up, and the lengths to which we had to turn the lounge upside down to try and end his little escapade. It was all we could do to even see him move he would streak like a blur between our toes. Well let's be honest, not mine, as I was safely up high directing proceedings.

But four against one, well I guess it wasn't a very fair fight. We got him in the end.

Once he was safely outside and there was a glass door between us, I was more than happy to capture this sweet wee face on camera before he went on alone to face the dark, dark night.

And we spent the next ten minutes restoring everything back in its normal place!

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