10 April 2011

2 stones and a view

Another never might have been moment. If we'd let it pass us by.

And yet it was 'a moment'.

A happy afternoon at home

Still nothing compared to the moment to come.

With no expectations, we merely came to see

And all it took was two stones

And a view

To gaze upon befriended by late afternoon shadows

To see more than ever before

To ponder with bright eyes and smiles

And in an instant shifted the moment from somewhere near lovely

To somewhere beyond breathtaking.


Jules said...

Beautiful photos! Love the bear hat!

alicia said...

Love this. We do need to seize these moments. Beautiful post! And thank you for your kind words about my little man's post. You are too kind.

Anonymous said...

those a the best moments Meg
I can feel the serenity in the images you have posted
simply lovely

love and light

Kathleen said...

What a magical day :) Just beautiful!! And I love the bear hat too...


Penny said...

love the finish on the photo, so whimsical


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