14 July 2007

Marks Turn


Week 3 of blogger heaven has come and gone....I actually had a go at Meg for this website, but to be honest, I'm actually starting to like it!!!! She's given me free run to write this week, so it'll probably be my last.

Busy week for the whole family what with work for the two adults and playing at daycare doing things he loves for the little one!!! Meghan has got auditors at work (so i've lost my wife again....she might as well be on another planet) but hopefully in a week or so she will stop talking numbers and account jibberish to me (ha ha). Only kidding, but when it gets busy with Meg, it gets really busy.

Noah has had a blinder this week....no crying at daycare whilst I dropped him off (makes me feel a lot better during the day), heaps of talking (new words like Doha - I think he's trying to say Noah!!), making new noises with his mouth (to be honest, hard to describe actually what noises they are...sound a bit like 'bbbbbbrrrrrrr'.....but believe me they are new!!) and generally he's been all round fun.


I got to the cinema twice this week (first time i've been since September last year) and watched Transformers (brilliant) and Pirates of the Carribean 3......pretty good movie too. Meghan and I watched Pirates 3 together, whilst Transformers was more of a work get together.

We also had a visitor all week staying with us....Tracey Easte, a very good friend of ours from way back (well 3-4 years at least) The Easte's have moved to the Bay (Hawkes Bay) and Tracey stayed behind to finish off work. It's sad to see our friends leave, but a great excuse to head off to Hawkes bay for a holiday (or two..)

Anyway, as I'm still on the fence about these websites I'll wrap it up there and come back later to admire my good work.....you never know depending on what Meg thinks, you could have another instalment from me in the future....

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