19 July 2007

Thomas the Tank Engine..

This weeks excitement was Mark finding a Thomas the Tank Engine train set for Noah (or so he says, personally I think it was just as much for him!). It was originally $130 and we managed to get it for $30. Such a good deal that we bought 2 more and Neil/Rama from my work bought one each too for Caleb and Te Aorere. So when we got it home Mark just HAD to play with it.. to check it was all working of course!


Noah has been very interested in animals lately. He likes us to point out the animals on his Noah's ark painting, and points to his giraffe height chart in his room. He's also particularly interested in the photos of South African animals we have in the hallway, so we can't go up or down the stairs without stopping to talk to the animals in the photos and make the various noises. His latest interest at daycare is the pigeons that sit in the eaves outside, he loves to point at them and listen to the cooing noises they make. Last Saturday we even took a trip down town to 'Pigeon Park' outside Mobil on the Park to see if we could find some to show Noah but alas the pigeons were having the weekend off! Mark had laughed at me when I wondered aloud if there would be any pigeons on a Saturday and without the scores of lunchtime workers eating lunch there, the park was peaceful and quiet...oh well.

This week has been a bit unsettled for Noah, as he's getting his eye teeth (which I'm told can be pretty painful). He's been in good spirits during the day but just a bit wakeful at night and hard to get back down if he does wake up... and it always takes a while before the trusty Pamol takes effect when he does wake up.

This morning we read Noah a book with farm animal noises and I couldn't resist taking a photo of Mark's funny lips as he pretended to be all the different animals, Noah was most amused.

We're supposed to be taking the little walking trolley back to the toy library this weekend...boo, so I'm going to see if we can't renew it for a bit longer as Noah does love scooting around the room behind it. Well as I have suddenly had a hefty weight land on one of my typing hands (5kg of furriness namely Murphy), I'll take that as a sign that we both need bed!

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