29 July 2007

The Teeth are Coming....

Well it would appear that Noah's eye teeth are on their way, although they have been that way for a couple of weeks with nothing to show for it but sore gums, lots of dribble and an at times scratchy boy. We also had to pick him up early from daycare on Thursday as they said he had a bit of a temperature and he proceeded to throw up on the way home in the stroller, luckily I was only 5 minutes from home but had to run the rest of the way. We're not sure what brought it on as he was fine the next day...who knows just one of those things?!

Yesterday morning we went for breakfast at the Maranui Surf Cafe in Lyall Bay, beautiful setting and great food, and Noah really enjoyed watching all the birds down at the water's edge. I then went off and did an aquajog which in hindsight probably not the cleverest of ideas straight after eggs benedict as I felt rough for the rest of the day, to the extent that I thought I might be getting the flu, either that or I had somehow put my back out and that was causing all sorts of aches and pains and headache. Seemed to come right Sunday morning for a few hours but from mid-afternoon have felt rotten again...weird. Mark is also not feeling best of either so maybe we have caught a bug, could even be what Noah had on Thursday. Let's just hope it passes quickly!



This week we were given some of Noah's artwork done at daycare, the best piece currently has pride of place on Mark's wall at work. I thought it looked like a frog but Mark decided it was a T-Rex, so we'll go with that!


It's hard to believe that Noah will be turning one in 4 days time, I'll be praying this week for us all to be healthy next weekend for Nana and Poppa's visit and for the birthday party on Saturday!

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Mark & Mary-Ann said...

This is great meghan, ah noah is a budding little artist, made me laugh the photo next to it with him in the shredded paper!!! :-)) Can you archive the pages as it'll be lovely in years to come to read what you had been up to!! and for Naoh to read it all too!!
Look forward to seeing more!! xxxxxxxx


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