23 July 2007

Walking the trolley

This weekend we took the toys back to the toy library and instead got a wooden trolley and a slide for Noah. The toy library is such a great invention, especially for the big items that you just wouldn't want to go out and buy as they do get sick of the same toys after a while. Noah was a bit unsure of the new trolley to start with, but by the end of the day was whizzing around the lounge and seemed even more confident at walking than with the other plastic one.


Mark and I went out to see Harry Potter No. 5 at the movies on Sat night, really enjoyed that. We were both bemoaning the fact that we'd really like to read the last book which came out today, but its just finding the time......! Noah is such a wonderful time waster but we wouldn't have it any other way. We had a very mild Saturday (and for once I didn't feel like my fingers and toes were going to fall off on my bike ride), but then overnight on Saturday night it was an absolute howling southerly, and sleet to the extent that it looked like snow in the garden on Sunday morning...Mark was trying to claim it as such but it really was just hail if you ask me.

This weekend we managed to webcam with both grandparents which we haven't done for a few weeks, and they loved seeing Noah on top form getting up to lots of tricks. We have been trying to make an effort at baby sign language with Noah the last few weeks, particularly the animal signs as that is what he's most into, and I'm pretty sure he started signing 'bird' back to me yesterday as we were reading Hairy McLary. There's a page with Hairy McLary and two birds on the ground beside him, and he was very keen on pointing at the birds and then flapping his arm. I'm sure it will become more obvious over the next few days if that's what he was doing. Birds do seem to be the most fascinating animals for him at the moment..bless.


We're getting geared up for his party next weekend, and we also will be taking in some yummy treats for afternoon tea for all the kids at daycare on his actual birthday (Thu 2nd), so Mark and I will be popping down at 3pm to celebrate with them, and then Noah and I will head off to the airport to pick up Nana and Poppa for the weekend and I'll take Friday off to spend with them...can't wait!

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