25 December 2007

Heavenly Holidays

We’ve been on holiday for four days, and what a fun time we’ve had already.

Saturday was spent packing for our road trip, Daddy went out for a bike ride and got very sunburnt (silly!) and we took a late afternoon trip to the supermarket and the obligatory trip to the airport to watch the planes on the runway. Noah has developed his confidence so that he is not fazed at all by the 737’s taking off even though the roar is extremely loud and even Mum & Dad find it quite breathtaking.

Sunday we travelled up to New Plymouth, spending a wonderful hour on the way at Virginia Lake in Wanganui, playing amongst the ducks, watching the somewhat aggressive and large swans being fed, and marvelling at all the exotic birds in the aviary. Once arriving at GeeGee’s (aka Great Granma), the afternoon was so warm that we decided to take a dip at the aquatic centre. Noah, as usual, was far from happy about the experience to start with but gradually got more confident the longer he was in the water. We were in the toddler pool for some time, and then braved the big pool to experience the wave simulation, but it was 5 degrees colder and we only lasted a couple of minutes as even Noah was visibly shivering and saying ‘cold …cold’. Then back to GeeGees for dinner and a catch up with Wendy, Derek, Bethany and Bryn.

Christmas Eve we got on the road mid-morning and thankfully Noah went straight to sleep through the windy parts of the journey over Mt Messenger and the Awakino Gorge. It was only Mark’s second time travelling this road (and probably about my 60th!) but we both were able to enjoy the gorgeous and dramatic scenery, and thought that this northern West Coast journey was reminiscent of our South Island West Coast road trip earlier in the year. We arrived at Nana and Poppa’s just after lunch and spent a lovely afternoon getting acquainted with Uncle Nic and Sam’s toy trucks and tractors, and riding in Poppa’s wheelbarrow (to floods of tears – only our Noah!) to see what animals we could discover in the nearby fields. Then we were even privileged enough to be allowed to ride on Poppa’s ride-on mower (this time Noah was po-faced but no tears which probably means he did enjoy it!)

Noah’s favourite sign at the moment is ‘where?’, and he has been using a great deal to express his desire to question…‘where’s… Poppa…the cat’ etc.

After dinner, Uncle Sam showed up with not one but two dogs (his wee fox terrier Kip rather dwarfed by his friend’s dog Pedro, a Staffordshire-cross). Noah was most interested but from a distance, his little face was priceless when Kip got a little too up close and personal, his mouth forming a perfect ‘O’ of surprise and trying his best to hide behind us. We all enjoyed the beautiful warm evening and sat outside till long after 8pm.

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