09 March 2010

And while we wait (weight) ...

This time tomorrow Grandma will be with us. But for now we wait. Wait for Wednesday. And wait to feel better - I'm struggling with a headcold and a tickly cough keeping me awake at night. I'm trying to be patient and take it easy (those last 3 words aren't often found in my vocabulary as those who know me well will know!). Mark is also suffering from a terrible back, and has been for over 2 weeks. He's been to see the osteopath 3 times and the doctor today to get some painkillers (a bit of a swear word in his vocabulary!).

The frustrating thing is, having both reached our goals of losing over 5 kgs, our bodies seem to have decided to pack up on us. I was also on antibiotics a couple of weeks back with my wisdom tooth playing up which has never happened before. And now I'm booked in to see an oral surgeon in a week's time with a view to having it out. Bummer.  The osteo also said to Mark today he thought his back problem could be related to the rapid weight loss we've achieved. So it would appear there's a downside to losing weight. Not fair really when we should be feeling top of our game.

Today, while I waited for tomorrow to arrive and to feel better, I tried to take it easy. Which involved cooking up a mango, 5 peaches and 8 apples to puree and freeze for Mylo. I cleaned the bathrooms. Tidied the house. Oh and stopped to enjoy my boy and take some photos....

Thumbs Up, Mum. Must be time to get up.

Whatever did we do to deserve these beautiful dark eyes and long eyelashes!

And I'd love to imprint this photo forever on my heart.....and never ever forget this moment.

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Meeks said...

Gosh, I hope you feel better soon! You really start to appreciate your health, when things go wrong. I remember when I was having back trouble or teeth trouble, I would think "how do people survive with chronic pain?!". Hope you all returns to normal asap!


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