04 April 2010

Daily Dozens & Angelic Aural Art

Mylo is getting quite the workout now that he's a little more mobile. His new favourite toy is the ring on the side of the toy box. He loves the sound it makes as he dings the metal ring against the wood.

He is also amusing us with some very funny faces as he does his 'press-ups', getting up on all fours. He's so very close to crawling now, it's just the hand over hand part that is ever so slightly eluding him. But he can make it to where ever he wants to go with a series of forward motions put together.

He's also been sitting up better the past week or so, still needs a bit of support from behind but is pretty good at not falling forwards.

Whilst Mylo gets his daily dozens around the floor at home, we also took the opportunity to all go for a walk down to the waterfront on a breezy Easter Saturday afternoon, firstly heading for the City Art Gallery to listen to the Forty Part Motet.

Whilst it is incredibly hard to describe, I will try my best! It is a medieval piece of music from 1573 sung by 40 singers recorded in Salisbury Cathedral. Each of the 40 singers in the choir had their own microphone which is represented by an individual speaker. The music itself is 14 minutes long and you can wander round the room going up close to the speakers which are at head height to hear individual voices, or simply sit in the middle of the room and soak up the overall symphony of sound. As I was sitting listening, I was overwhelmed by the thought that hearing the angels sing upon entering heaven would be just like this. Wow. I could have listened all day, and even Noah sat patiently with us all throughout. I am definitely planning to go again. I would recommend to anyone to go, firstly as it's free, but secondly as I think that no matter how interested in music you are, you could not help but be really moved by the experience.

Grandma then shouted us a Kaffee Eis icecream (Mylo even got a small taste of Daddy's!), before heading back along the waterfront, past the strange mirror sculptures at Te Papa, and on home. Nana & Poppa particularly enjoyed the walk on the waterfront, as in all the years of visiting us, it was the first time they had walked this particular stretch. With all the development that has gone on over the past few years, it really is an area we Wellingtonians should be proud of!


Catching the Magic said...

Fabulous photographs and thanks for the information about the art gallery - I must stop by there soon!

Meeks said...

Gorgeous photos! Don't you just love Wellington!


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