18 April 2010

Fiddle Fingers

My Nana says my new name should be Fiddle Fingers. Now that I am commando crawling everywhere, I love to investigate. Everything.

Here I am having already tried to get into the TV cabinet, found the wooden giraffes and got tired of them, and now made a beeline for the curtain. If only I could find a way to get underneath.

Well, actually I did.

This morning I had fun playing with Noah's 'Mac' truck. I have a real fascination with trying to turn the wheels on anything that moves. I played with the truck for ages. I investigated it from every angle, turned it upside down and round about. Noah's bike is also super exciting. I love touching the wheel, the seat, the handlebars, it all feels so different.

Mum and Dad are already wondering if I am going to do something with my hands when I grow up because I love to touch everything so much. I'll keep them guessing for a few years yet though I think! No point letting the cat out of the bag too early :-)

For now I'm just happy exploring.

P.s. And if you're wondering about my tongue poking out , it's would seem to be happiest when it's out exploring too. It's what I call my trademark Mylo shot!

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