14 April 2010


This is what Noah drew us all on his own on Monday night.

This is what he came home from daycare with yesterday.

This is what Noah went dressed as for dress-up day today.

All in aid of the letter P, which has been the letter of the week this week and last week at daycare. The 'letter of the week' concept has really been helping his letter recognition and composition since the beginning of the year.

We often practice writing letters on the steamy windows of the shower box when we're showering, and the other night we had great fun thinking up as many words we could think of starting with P - and there are a lot! Hence why the letter P has run for 2 weeks........how many words starting with P can you think of that a 3.75 year old might know?

Pasta, pizza, plums, pudding, pineapple, potato, pikelet, picnic, puzzle, pyjamas, purple, pink, people, proud, princess, pirate, policeman, pig, piranha, pukeko, parrot, pigeon, play, peach, puppy, pump, pop, push, poke, pull, pen, pencil, pip, pancake, page, pony, paint, park, pork, pedal, poo, pod, pea, porridge, pepper, pip-pop, pardon to put paid to just a few....!

Speaking of things starting with P, Noah actually rode a pony for the first time on Sunday. He went out with friends Phoebe and George to Ohariu Valley and had the opportunity to try out a pony and a horse. Bless our cautious boy, he did not want to try the horse thank you very much, and wouldn't have had a second go on the pony other than the fact Daddy made him. However, good on him for actually giving it a go, even if he looks a tad terrified. Still, we're proud of you for even getting on precious poppet!


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