25 April 2010

Flying Solo

This week I took Noah & Mylo up to Nana & Poppa's for 3 days on my own, hence the blog title. After flying up to New Plymouth with them and Mark's mum a month ago and finding it incredibly exhausting to the point of having a bit of a meltdown on my return, I have to admit I was a little anxious.

The flights were relatively uneventful. I was armed with an arsenal of food for Noah, plus the iPod to watch mini movies and listen to music on, so he was pretty content. Mylo did have a bit of a cry but not to the extent I got any evil eyes from fellow passengers.

Mum & Dad had to work on Thursday & Friday, so we had the morning to ourselves until Poppa got home around lunchtime. We treated ourselves to some fresh air and a walk up the road to the local cafe (about 1.5 km away) both mornings for a trim latte and milkshake. Noah and I had all sorts of fun playing in the big wide open space of Nana & Poppa's 2-acre section, finding dandelions to blow, grassy hills to climb and hide in, and squelchy grass to make footprints in. We also spotted cows, pukekos, ladybirds, a hot air balloon and a hare with the biggest ears I've ever seen!

Saturday we enjoyed having Nana & Poppa all day and took our usual pilgrimage to the Gardens. It is the first time I've been there with such stunning autumn colours.

And then it was home again, home again, jiggity jig to a lovely daddy and husband who had missed us lots. He had made the most of a quiet house to have a few early nights, caught up with friends for a poker night Friday, and enjoyed the last weekend of the Pompeii exhibition at Te Papa.

So nice to be able to take advantage of a mid-week break away with my 2 gorgeous boys. In less than 2 months I'll be back at work full-time and it won't be easy to just disappear on a jet plane for a jaunt when the mood takes us.

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Meeks said...

Your a brave woman. I haven't attempted a flight by myself with any of my children. Sometimes children are so unpredictable that they can be ok one way, then have a melt down the way back. It sounds like it went well...so good on you! *pat on the back*


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