24 May 2010

200 and still going strong...

It's hard even for me to believe but this is actually post number 200! That in itself deserves a special mention I think!

I checked back to see when post 100 was.. and it was in fact this time last year. It's hard to believe this blog is 3 years old but in the past year we've actually doubled the number of posts - I've clearly been feeding my addiction with being at home and having more time on my hands! Anyway, post number 100 wasn't anything particularly special, but post number 101 was far more memorable, being the post where we found out that we were going to be adding another boy to the family...here's a trip down memory lane for you...


It's quite likely that the frequency of posts will slow down a bit again now that I am heading back to work next week. Speaking of which, I realise that I haven't specifically talked about my plans on the blog, but I wanted to wait until everything was in place and confirmed and all the right communications had been made first.

Prior to going on maternity leave, I had been working as a Finance Manager at M-co, where I had been for seven years. M-co was then taken over by NZX (the NZ stock exchange) in June last year. At the time, I moved across with the rest of the M-co staff (20 people), and me and my Assistant Accountant became part of the larger NZX finance team  (7 others), but it was only for a short time, as I went on maternity leave in September.

I had been with M-co through many different iterations and changes within the company, including the restructure and redundancy of the rest of my team which had me then managing Corporate Services with just a part-time Assistant Accountant to assist. M-co was always a fantastic place to work, and had provided me with so many opportunities, especially sponsoring me through my six years of university and Chartered Accountancy study. But having finishing my study, and with the sale of M-co to NZX, a lot of the reasons for staying had come to an end.

So when one of my old managers from M-co, Steve Gregan, approached me whilst on maternity leave to ask if I would be interested in a role working for him at Learning Media, I was open to the idea on many fronts. Firstly, Learning Media is in the education industry which really interests me since I very nearly became a secondary school teacher way back when I was studying at university for my original Japanese degree. Secondly, the Financial Controller role is a newly created role and will encompass more than just typical Finance responsibilities, and I had really enjoyed the additional non-Finance responsibilities of my most recent role at M-co prior to the company's sale. Added to that, the prospect of working with Steve again (I had worked with him for 3 years until 2005) was also really appealing.

Learning Media is an SOE (state-owned enterprise for those not in the know), which means it is owned by the Government, but operates as a commercial entity. Its mission is to 'enable effective learning at all ages' and its vision 'learning that makes a difference'. There are about 100 people in the company, based in Wellington CBD. If you want to know more, check out the website: http://www.learningmedia.co.nz/. This is where you can find me from Monday!

In the meantime, I'm spending this week trying to enjoy some special one-on-one time with Mylo, and adjusting my brain to come to terms with the end of my wonderful mummy-at-home days. Mylo starts transitioning to daycare on Wednesday for 2 hrs, then 4 hours Thursday and 6 hours on Friday. I'm hoping to do a rare spot of retail therapy and get a couple of new (i.e. non maternity!) items for the work wardrobe during this time to take my mind off the fact that my little dude is not with me. I also may get the chance to help out with Noah's kakariki (green) library group trip to the library on Friday morning. Mylo, Baba and I did this two weeks ago and really enjoyed the experience, and as I may not get the chance again for a wee while, it's another one of those 'seize the moment' moments.

To all of our faithful family and friends out there who read our blog, we'd love to mark the 200th post with a comment or two from some of you, especially those who never have commented before, so come on don't be shy!

Just click on the 'Comments' link at the bottom of this post, and then a pop-up window will appear to write your message. Select 'name/URL' from the identity option and put your name in here so we know who all you lovely people are.

And a big thank you from us  at MNM's to all the readers out there who take the time to follow our musings on family life!


Mum & Dad Maloney (UK) said...

Hi Lovely Family,
Just read your blog for this week. Always a joy to keep pace with all your daily happenings. Amazing to think it is 3 yers since you commened 'blogging' and, what fabulous blogs and photos you have sent us over that time. Wonderful. We do hope you enjoy this week with your Mylo and his days at 'daycare' go well. We will be thinking of you next Monday 31st Meghan and praying all goes well for your first week back to work and a new job!! In UK the 31st is May Day Bank Holiday and we have the Street Fayre where the whole village gets involved!! Great Fun. So will think of you that day too! Bless you. Loved the 'Rainbow' on Noah's back, very impressed! Much love as always. Mum and Dad Maloney

Nana and Poppa said...

Wowwee! Super effort - it is truly amazing and wonderful that we can keep up with all the lovely happenings and developments with you all as a family since we get to see you in person only 3 or 4 times a year. Luvyoo all H-E-A-P-S. Mum and Dad

Catching the Magic said...

Wishing you all the very, very best with settling Mylo into day-care and starting your new job xx

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

Ohhhh good luck with your new job, it sounds great!!! I hope it isn't too sad leaving Mylo at daycare! Love from Perth

Unknown said...

Tony and Tracey Mattravers thank you for your great comments which have made us realise just how differnt life is for you guys! Also thanks Mark for the great words which Sarah as best women ready out during our wedding. Hope to catch up with you all soon
Tony & Tracey

Jean & Ken Hockey said...

Hi Meghan, Mark, Mylo & Noah. Oh what joy I get reading your update each week, THANK YOU. I feel like I know the children so well, it is a real joy to watch them growing and to know what you are up to. Meghan we wish you great joy in your new job and will follow with interest. Having had the priviledge of being at your wedding and to visit NZ, it gives great pleasure to be kept informed of your life and knowing some of the places you talk about. Mark you look well, take care and don't lose any more weight - but hey well done, you look great. Our love to you all, and we will be thinking of you next week Meghan. Take care. Ken & Jean Hockey


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