19 May 2010

Action Man

With every month that passes (and it'll be 8 months tomorrow), we grow to love and cherish our mischievous Mylo a little more.

I have Mischief on my Mind

He is such a character, and keeps us highly entertained. We already have a few nicknames for him along the lines of 'little dynamo', 'fiddle fingers', and 'wheels man'. Here is a snapshot of what he is up to at the moment:

Commando crawling at speed everywhere. One minute he's here, the next he's gone, and I can usually find him halfway up the hallway chewing on the doorstopper from the bathroom or all the way down in Noah's room investigating his toys.

People awareness. He also notices when we leave the room and tries to follow us. He often farewells Daddy and Noah by peeking through the bars of the gate across the top of the stairs in the morning.

Considering climbing. He has pulled himself up to standing against the stepladder and on our bottom stairs a few times and he really enjoys the sensation of being upright against the furniture, although he's not what you'd call 'cruising' yet.
    I'll have this mastered in no time
Balloon fascination. Noah tends to leave these lying around and we have to move them north in a hurry when we find Mylo playing with them.

Loves rolling a ball backwards and forwards.
Music lover. Always lights up with a big smile when I put music on the iPod for us to sing or dance along to. The Wiggles is always a hit.

Tickly boy. He anticipates the tickles coming when I play 'Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear, one step two step, tickle you under there'.

Favourite song. Row Row Row your Boat is still the favourite.

Food. He's having 3 solid meals a day now and 4 bottles. Still definitely favours fruit over veges, but we have managed to gradually reduce the amount of fruit mixed with veg to about 1/3. He's also having mouthfuls of blended meals like pasta bolognese, tuna bake, chicken risotto. Pear is still the biggest favourite of his blended fruit but he will also happily eat bites of feijoa, kiwifruit, and blueberries. Tried a hot cross bun the other day and loved it, and enjoys yoghurt which we've introduced lately (no surprise there, it's sweet!).
    Carnage after playing with half a kiwifruit! 
Little Fish. He loved the hour we all spent at Karori pool on Sunday. He has no fear, and is completely at ease in the water. I think he would have stayed there all day given half the chance. He loves sharing a deeper bath with me some evenings and tries to splash as much water out of the bath as possible, or dives forward to grab toys. It's all I can do to hold onto him so he doesn't drown himself he's such an energetic, slippery fish!

Book lover. He loves turning the pages of books - and in particularly lifting the little flaps on the In The Jungle book. He's so dexterous, it amazes me how good his sense of touch is, and the pincer grip he has with finger and thumb together at this age.
Save our sleep. Apart from the last couple of days/nights where he's been unsettled with a cold/fever, he's started to sleep through till about 5.30am or 6am fairly regularly which is nice for us parents to feel we might be finally making some progress on that front!

The next month holds big challenges for us all. Next week Mylo will be settling into his new daycare routine, and then starting full-time on Monday 31st May. It marks the the end of a wonderful 9 months spent at home for me, and I am sad to see it come to an end.

We are sure that Mylo will cope well with the transition as he is so interested in being around people and we know he will enjoy the stimulation of everything going on around him. At the same time though, it pulls at my heartstrings to think of leaving him. At least this time round, the daycare and teachers are familiar to us, and his big brother Noah will be able to look in on him from time to time.

We will be praying that the transition to the next phase in our family adventure goes smoothly for us all.

Serious little dude

Charming little dude!

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Sarah said...

Oh what an adorable post this is and what a very clever, happy chap you have been blessed with. The love and fun that is showered upon him by his fabulous family certainly shine through in the cheeky sparkle of his eyes!

Well done and all the very, very best on this next stage.

Sarah and family x


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