06 November 2010

The show must go on!

Friday night could have been a flop.
Friday night could have been a failure.
Friday night could have been a fiasco.

Or a fizzer.

But it was none of the above (well technically the fizzer part is actually true). Why? Because we fearless Wellingtonians held firm in spite of the facts!

Friday dawned beautiful blue skies but with the ominous weather forecast 'Evening rain, and a strong southerly'.

Me being the weather freak I am, spent a good part of the afternoon watching the rain radar on the Metservice website advancing its way up the South Island with force. I willed it to 'please slow down!' All the reports said the weather was due to hit Wellington at 9pm, just when the fireworks display was scheduled.

I wouldn't usually be worried, only that we had planned an extra-special night for Noah to stay up for the first time to watch the fireworks and enjoy some special one-on-two Mummy & Daddy time. We'd arranged a New York Wholly Pizza takeaway and all.

After getting the weekly shop out of the way (just so we could get free parking near the pizza shop) Noah and I picked up the pizza deal and headed back to the car. I struggled to carry the pizza box down the street (have you seen the size of these boxes!) and it took up the whole front seat of the car!

As we arrived home, the wind was really starting to get up, and by the time the shopping was all indoors and we sat down to pizza, the heavens had opened. We felt for sure the fireworks would be off, but kept a watching eye on Stuff. All reports were optimistic that it might still go ahead.

Amazingly (Thank you Lord!), there was a lull in the weather at about 8:30pm. This was just long enough for us to brave our own sparklers and a few fireworks in the bitter and bracing wind. The temperature had dropped about 10 degrees in an hour and it felt like mid-winter.

Then it was back indoors for some toasted marshmallow (I love em black and crispy on the outside and gooey in the middle!) before we headed up to our room to view the main city display.

Poor Noah (who is normally in bed between 7-7:30pm was nearly a goner by the time the display kicked off at 9pm, and was so tired he couldn't even stand up to watch it and kept asking to go to bed throughout. Still, we made him make the most of it cuddled up on our bed oohing and aahing at the brilliant colours before Daddy carried him downstairs to brush teeth and crash out in bed.

And here's the official pics of the night http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4315507/Weather-holds-off-for-Wellington-fireworks.

If the show had been cancelled, it would have been the first time in sixteen years. It just goes to show you can't get the better of us here in Welly, we're made of pretty tough stuff, we have to be!

p.s. The raging winds and full force of the southerly hit about 10 minutes after the fireworks finished and continued throughout the night. So I had the fun experience of sleeping in a shaking bed upstairs on my own. I've been banished to solitary confinement so Mark can keep away from my germs (the conjunctivitis was just the precursor for a MEAN-as headcold that I've been keeping at bay (barely) with a constant cocktail of drugs. But I'm so OVER the constant headaches, fuzzy headedness and bogeys (sorry way too much information I know!). So you see the fireworks date night really HAD to go ahead. It was about the only ray of light in an otherwise VERY mediocre week!


Jules said...

I really miss the fireworks in Welly, glad they still went ahead! Guy Fawkes isn't celebrated in Oz unfortunately!

Hope you feel better soon!

Catching the Magic said...

Yah! So glad you got to enjoy some sparklers, bangs, ooooos and ahhhhhhs! Poor you with a cold on top of 'the eye infection! Hope you feel better soon x Love the sparklers photos! Well done Noah managing to stay awake! And that pizza is gigantic! We made pizza for dinner (pre bought bases though) and also had marshmallows!

PaisleyJade said...

I love your photos!!! Mmm - pizza! My kids haven't really gotten over the last few late nights with all the fire works going off around their rooms.

Jason and Jacinda Papps said...

Oh how I miss Wellington sometimes!!! and the Pizza looks delish!!!


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