14 November 2010

What's new with you kiddo?

At fourteen months, Mr. monkey britches (as he is affectionately known) is:
  • Signing and saying 'cat'. We've been doing baby sign with him (although not as religiously as we did with Noah) for the past month or so, and his communication has come on loads. He tries to sign the word for cat and says 'cat' whenever he sees Murphy. He can also sign more, milk and giraffe. A man of few words and a lot more action.
  • Being stubbon about walking. He will walk holding onto just one finger and even walk along kicking a football if you hold both hands, but the minute you try to extricate your fingers he just drops to the floor. A word that rhymes with hazy springs to mind?!
  • Quite happy climbing though?!

  • And posting his bunny out the window, or into the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Lucky we have a spare bunny as I can see bunny could well go on some big solo adventures in the near future. Whether he returns or not is another story!
  • Totally wishes he could feed himself all the time. And is pretty good at getting the food in his mouth with the sppon when he does. Finger foods are our friend! We try to distract him with some kind of finger food (usually fruit) long enough to shovel another mouthful of dinner in when he's not paying attention.
  • This is what I call his West Virginia hillbilly 'woodcutter' look.

  • Tried a sip or two of a fluffy (frothy milk) and is not that impressed. Noah on the other hand couldn't get enough fluffies at this age!
  • Experiments with either spitting his food out or throwing it on the floor when he's getting bored...yay for messy mats!
  • Would rather spend his time either 'naked just nappy' or outdoors. Let's hope we're not bringing up a naturalist hey ;-)
  • He totally gets 'high five'. Has quite a good slap on him too.

  • Crawls around the house with his favourite friends (bunny and giraffe) in his mouth. Perhaps some strange craving to become a puppy?
  • Still obsessed with wheels.

  • And the need to open/close open/close open/close E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

  • Which (ahem) ended in a bit of a mishap today. Can you guess what happened? See anything missing from this picture...um yep that would be the catflap door. It's not the first time it's seen a tube of superglue...probably won't be the last either.

Excuse the drool....focus on my cool dude eyes instead!

  • Loves, loves, loves his cat. And amazingly he HAS finally learnt the art of gentle. His favourite past-time is to use Murphy's tummy as a pillow.
  • Weighs bang on 10kg, and is nearly a whole kg lighter than his big brother at the same age. Pint-sized with personality plus!

    • And capable of a whole lotta loving!


    Sarah Gauntlett said...

    are you sure aren't just writing about my kid? everything except the high fiving is exactly her! the walking thing and the opening and closing! wow! and what is with them and pillows???!!!!

    so cute!!! love the woodcutter look btw

    Sarah of Catching the Magic said...

    Gorgeous post and what a cracker he is indeed (also loving the woodcutter look and those cool dude shades). So funny (but not for you & clean ups/fixing) about his explorations, opening everything, posting bunny and the cat flap!). He's gorgeous guys. Such a lovely update, which he'll love seeing when he's older. xx

    Kathleen said...

    What beautiful kids! Thanks for coming to visit my blog, I'm looking forward to having a good read through yours too :)

    Ahhh the wheels...I have a wheel loving boy too, now that he's almost 20 months we spend every evening sitting outside on the tractor while he pretends to drive it around the vineyard!


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