06 December 2010

C is not just for Christmas

Or carols, or crackers, or even candles for that matter.

C is for............

Chipped Tooth

Amazing as my day was on Saturday, it wasn't without consequences. I was minding my own business on the drive home, merrily swigging away from my Pump water bottle which is never far away - I have this weird addiction to drinking LOTS of water. No idea where it came from. But there it is. And like most of you who ever drink from those Pump bottles, I do the old lid between my teeth trick to open it to a drinking position. I've probably done it thousands of times. Except this time, I managed to chip a piece of one of my bottom front teeth right off. It's not massive, and it's not very noticeable. And it kind of matches the look of the tooth on the other side now. Let's face it, my teeth are one of my least favourite features, and I have never liked the look of them anyway. I'm always joking about being a werewolf (read: overly large eye teeth). So this experience = yet another reason to practice the art of smiling through a barely open mouth.

Creative Advent Calendar

After seeing so many creative advent calendars floating around in cyberspace, like Simone's advent stockings at Greatfun4kids, and Sarah's cool advent countdown at Catching the Magic, I was beginning to feel a little like a cop out after buying a Toy Story and Wot Wots chocolate advent calendar from the supermarket. So when I saw the very cool nativity advent scene that Meeks from Juggling Motherhood discovered last week, I knew even my limited craftiness could probably stretch that far. Like all good craft projects though, it took longer than I thought as I decided to glue them onto decent cardboard so they can be kept for years to come. A stanley knife would have been a much welcome addition to the utility drawer instead of battling away for hours with our not-so-sharp kitchen scissors. And we were a little behind the 8-ball this year, so have had to put a few days up at once. But I can't wait to add to it and share more of the nativity story with Noah each day. And maybe Mylo next year too. Just for this year it's being put together high enough to stop any inquisitive little fingers wrecking all my hard work!

With all good creativity comes crazy mess!
How we created Days 1-5
and what our finished scene will look like on Christmas Day!

Candy Cane Crunch

When I spied Kristy over at Paisley Jade's Peppermint Bark recipe last week, I was dead keen to make it. So we did. But in keeping with the theme of this post, I had to rename our version Candy Cane Crunch....of course. Super easy to make and rather moorish. I can see why it doesn't stick around long in any household. Although whether I should really be eating it with a dodgy front tooth is another story. Mark has also had to very unwillingly give up on it as he's currently missing a tooth that fell apart last week (don't get me started on his teeth!) and is contemplating another possible root canal in another tooth. We are a right pair aren't we!


That would be my heel. Yes I was a Calamity Jane this past weekend that's for sure. I was carefully carrying the candy cane crunch dish with the dark chocolate having set in the freezer and was navigating my way through the stair gate with my demi-chef Noah just ahead of me. He didn't quite wait for me to get through before he pulled the stair gate shut though, clobbering me in the back of the heel with the gate and leaving me with my body propelled forward but with my foot and heel stuck in the gate. It was all I could do not to throw the heavy dish at the cupboard in front of me. I somehow managed to fall in a heap on the floor with my leg stuck way behind me, but I did save the candy cane crunch from disaster. And proceeded to roll around the floor in agony for a couple of minutes yelping before composing myself. Poor Noah was mortified and ever so upset. Anyway, apart from a rather bruised heel, no real harm done.

Clinginess and Crying

Poor Mylo has been suffering from some kind of unexplained virus complete with a nasty rash in various places on his body. He has been very unlike his usual chipper self for about a week. Crying the minute you leave the room. Or clinging to your legs as you try and move around the room. Its hard to say if it's all the virus or whether he is finally experiencing that clingy phase that most kids go through at one time or another. It's obvious the fact that he still insists on crawling or walking on his knees rather than walking on his feet is frustrating him. And us, big time! But the more we try to help him walk for a bit and then extricate our fingers slowly to see if will do it on his own, the more he just sinks to his knees and throws a paddy. He's clearly only gonna do it in his own sweet Mylo time.

Co-ordinated with a Coffee Cup

For some reason today, I looked down whilst holding my coffee cup and realised that we were totally colour co-ordinated, my Keep Cup and I. Yep. How. Sad. Am. I.

And that's enough craziness for one post I think.
I'd much rather just get back to all things Christmas.


Christmas Concert Celebrations at Daycare

Complete with a bare-footed Kiwi Santa (aka our friend Glen) and songs about Pohutukawa seeds growing into Kiwi Christmas trees. On a hot, hot afternoon. Loving this summer already.

Cool effects Caught on Camera

All I did was switch on the fireworks setting on the camera and voila!

I dunno about you, but it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas round here!


Leonie said...

Love your C is for...post!
not loving the chipped tooth - I chipped one of mine last week.. on a gluten free bar :(.. that peppermint bark looks soooo good!!
and I love your advent scene too. Ha ha about coordinating with your coffee cup :)C is only for 'colds' in our house today...

Sarah said...

Brilliant post! You are on fire lovey (sorry about the chipped tooth though!). You are amazing doing all this! And I so laughed at your coordinated outfit and coffee cup :)

Lovely photos from the party at daycare and really hope Mylo is back to his happy self soon x bless x

Kathleen said...

Lovely post!! And I love your advent nativity scene, what a fab idea :) He he...outfit & coffee cup...he he he...

Sammy said...

Love this post! Sorry about your chipped tooth. And your hubbies teeth sounds like my hibbies- like jolly swiss cheese!

Simoney said...

Those fireworks tree pics are coooool!
Love your clever "C" post.


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