31 December 2010

Holiday I'm loving you

Every which way you look at it, this holiday rocks. And whilst I'm still technically 'taking a break', I figured if I didn't keep up with the amazing memories and fun we've created, it'd all be a big blur. Or that's what I'm telling myself anyway.

What is there to love about this holiday? Well......let me tell you.

Seeing confidence and pedal power growing

And growing...note the cool Darth Vader duck horn donated by Uncle Sam

The satisfaction in getting airborne

Finding a ‘Punch Buggy’ shoppe. Noah and Daddy scored 4 each here, and while technically they weren’t ‘on the road’ I let them have the spoils. Official Punch Buggy Count this holiday so far = Noah 9, Daddy 8, Mummy 5.

The indulgence of a child-free night. Our first ever together without the boys. We made the most of it by taking in a road trip to Auckland to catch up with dear friends Andrea, Andrew and lil Mackay. We were treated to a fab night out at one of Ponsonby’s institutions S.P.Q.R. Oh and a night in a super king bed and no early wake-up call = something akin to bliss.

And in case you’re wondering the boys were angels for Nana, Poppa and Nic. P.H.E.W!

Our daily dozens to creatures calling

The cheekiness of it all

Yep, so, so cheeky.

A family mini golf outing

Lending a hand with Poppa’s mowing

Many nights wiled away by Carcasonne. An addictive and entertaining game which was a hit with us all.

The chance to hang with Uncle Nic and catch up on this past year

Little people exploring their wide, wide world. It is apparent that being here enlarges and magnifies their world. The colours more vivid, the sounds more crisp, the sky brighter, the smells so fresh.

Amongst all this goodness, this joy, I've only managed to find a couple of things not to love:

Mosquito bites - I'd forgotten how bad that 'next day' itchy feeling was. At the time, it's fine but the next day we've fallen apart in a mass of red, blotchy welts. Ick.

Having to try and find a click beetle at midnight in a room full of holiday mess, suitcases, clothes etc. We got there in the end, turns out it was under the bed, but it was flippin annoying being woken out of a deep sleep at the time to rummage everywhere!

And having molars on their way = a sometimes grumpy Mylo. Poor poppet.

But there's no way the holiday love is over yet, since our holiday continues, we're off to Taranaki in the morning to stay with GeeGee for a couple of nights on our way back to Welly.

But as this is my last official post for 2010, I'd like to say thanks to you, this year. Two thousand and ten. You rocked, well most of the time. And we're kicking off the New Year with exciting times, as we will be eagerly awaiting the arrival of English Grandma & Grandad at the end of January for seven weeks.

I'm excited to see what else 2011 will have in store for us too. And as long as it's full of family, friendship and fun, its gonna be a goodie.

Happy New Year one and all!


PaisleyJade said...

Love love love your photos - awesome time with family and great memories being made! Have a wonderful 2011!!

p.s. that bike horn is super cool!!

Sarah said...

Fabulous holiday and good family times. So many very special moments to treasure and hold close to your heart always. The boys have grown so much since we last got together! I hope Mylo doesn't suffer too much with his molars x enjoy the last few days of your hols. Love and best wishes for a fabulous 2011 from the Lee family x

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Hi ya, I often peek at your blog and forget to ocmment.

I love love love the way you post happy photos of your family. I don't even know you, but I always smile at the happy activities.

Just awesome, keep it up and have a wonderful New Year :-)

Sarah said...

Hope you had a fantastic New Year and Christmas. From your photos it sounds like you're having an awesome time. Have a great 2011.


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