26 December 2010

What makes a Merry Christmas?

I feel a incapable of writing this post. I just can't do it justice. My brain has apparently decided to go on holiday along with the rest of my body. It's been a struggle even starting each sentence.

Maybe it is because I have read so many wise and beautiful words lately about the wonder of Christmas, and the real reason for the season. And as hard as I try, I just can't seem to come up with anything more wise, or poetic and beautiful.

So all that leaves me with is sharing a little of what made our Christmas merry and magical.

Boys and girls in PJ's for most of the morning. And no-one minded in the slightest.

A chip off the old block? Learning a few tips from his talented uncle.

The wonder and awe in little eyes.

Thankfulness and excitement.

Exploring all new sounds and sensations.

A furry friend come to visit.

The enjoyment of having the whole family together for this one day of the year.

A treasure hunt

A coy boy on his new bike from mum and dad. Great having an uncle who owns a bike shop - thanks Uncle Sam - you rock!

Could there be another chef in the making?

Mid-afternoon siestas and quiet time

Handstands, tag and frolicking amongst the daisies

Kite flying and ball throwing.

And so, so much more. There's just no room to tell it all. But we'll remember it, oh yes, we'll remember it. We will savour every last minute just as we savoured the great food and fine company.

 Photos a combined effort by me and our talented inhouse photographer Nic.

Wherever you were, whether surrounded by sun or snow, we hope that there was much to make your Christmas a merry one. We hope you were surrounded by loved ones, and you found time amongst the glitter and gifts to reflect on the beauty that is this life.

That's it from me for a few days. I'm indulging in some keyboard 'time out'! Family to be with, and fun to be had.

Merry (belated) Christmas everyone.


PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful photos - and you look awesome in your hat!!

Merry Christmas!!

Sarah said...

Awww, so many precious times beautifully captured in photos and your words. Looks like a very wonderful celebration. So happy for you all. Enjoy the rest of your family time x love from Family Lee x

Mika said...

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas. I've enjoyed reading your blog this year ;)

I was going to ask whether you got a new lens for a Christmas present, because there is some serious blur action happening there :)

Simoney said...

Merry Christmas to you too Meghan! Love the photos. Looks like a wonderful day.

Sammy said...

What a lovely family day you had!


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