01 January 2011

One Fine Day

Back in April when the boys and I flew up to Hamilton to stay with Nana & Poppa, we discovered a little hidden gem of a lake out the back of Cambridge called Lake Te Ko Utu. It’s a lovely little spot quite hidden away in behind the main town and the busyness of all the traffic roaring down State Highway One.

On that day, we only saw it from the carpark as we were in a flying hurry. But I tucked it into the memory bank, vowing to return. And return we did.

After stopping in for a quick look at Sam's bike shop Evolution Cycles (which is one of three – the others are in Hamilton & Te Awamutu), we pottered on up the road to the lake.

I had it in the back of my mind that it could be a nice spot for some family shots taken by Nic who is always keen for some extra practice. Nic is planning to start a photo journalism course at Sydney University mid 2011 and has to get a wide-ranging portfolio together in the meantime. And I was keen to update last Christmases' family shots. The one hanging on the wall at home has Mylo as a little baldie of just 3 months old. Not your best look aye poppet.

So it was a win-win for us all.

Apart from the fact we never managed to get a good, classic ‘family of four’ shot.

It turns out that getting four people looking even half normal in the same shot is well nigh impossible. I have no idea how other people do it!

But that’s not to say we didn’t have fun in the meantime. Some of the ‘outtakes’ were rather funny, but there’s just not the space to share them all!

I particularly like the look on Noah's face in the bottom left shot as if he is about to clobber Mylo a good one. And Mark looking as if he could care less, like he'd rather be anywhere but here!

We did have a little more success when we stuck to just one kiddie in each picture.

Before it became apparent the camera had completely outstayed its welcome!

On another day, I’d love to have brought a picnic, spent a whole afternoon here, and taken a walk right round the lake. But as we had accidentally left the stroller at home, we managed only a short walk to and from the lake having to make do with some shoulder riding instead.

Which the little guy quite likes apparently.

No need to buy ear buds anymore, he’ll happily get rid of all your wax for you. No need to worry about grey hairs, he’ll happily find them and pull them out – along with all the good ones too!

Thanks Nic for your never-ending patience and ever talented eye for a shot. We all had fun! And we’ll definitely be coming back to Lake Ko Te Utu again another day. Another year.

And that's another tick on My Summer Bucket List 2010 too :-)


Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Gorgeous photos. What a beautiful day!

Leonie said...

Gorgeous photos!! Especially love the last one of you all lying forward. precious.
I lived in Hamilton for many years and have never heard of that lake! it looks beautiful.

Sarah said...

Some lovely photos near the end and with you and Mark on your own with either Mylo or Noah. Looks a really beautiful spot - reminds me of Virginia Waters near Windsor, in England, but a lot quieter (and no need to spend half an hour looking for somewhere to park up and spending a fortune to do so!).

Simoney said...

Lovely pics, esp that bottom one. PS have I ever told you that your hubby reminds me of Winton Rufer?? Or does he get that a lot?? Tee Hee.

Penny said...

Love the photos! And the festival looked great too. You look like a family who has lots of fun together


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