16 January 2011

Sweetness and Light

If you thought this post was gonna be sweetness and light, you might want to skip it. Really.

And in case you were thinking that our family simply floats through life on a cloud of happiness, enjoying fun times capturing all these wonderful moments on camera, well life's not REALLY like that. Some days yes, this weekend not so much.

These molar teeth have been playing havoc with poor Mylo. And whether related or not, he puked twice today sometime during his midday nap and again rather unfortunately JUST as Daddy had him hovering over his bed tonight ready to put him in it. So that would be two complete lots of bedding through the wash already. Fingers crossed that's it for tonight. Please Mylo!

The waterblasting got done. It took Mark most of yesterday and a bit of this morning. But it's done, and it looks A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Feels as if we have moved into a new house, the wood and concrete courtyard are so bright to look out on. Goodbye green slime and dirt for a few more years we hope.

In the middle of it all though, Mark managed to chip or break a tooth which he thinks has exposed a filling or at worse the root of the tooth, so had to dash off to the emergency dentist. They didn't end up doing anything to it and he's gonna wait to see his trusty dentist whom he has great faith in as soon as he can this week. His teeth are probably the weakest thing in his body, seriously the money we have spent on them we could have probably both been to the UK and back by now. But for better and for worse right? I do love him, brittle teeth and all.

AND he made his out-of-this-world chocolate brownie for us Friday night. So I'll forgive him for the terrible teeth.

This week, both boys have had trouble adjusting back into daycare. In the past, Noah often has had a few meltdowns when we leave him at daycare in the mornings after a holiday. But this week Mylo thought he'd get in on the action too. Guess he's of the age now he realises what's happening. But having tears from both sides as you're walking out the door, isn't exactly what I'd call an optimum start to the day for my mental health.

Noah has been decidedly clingy lately all round. Asking me for cuddles all the time. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE cuddles from my gorgeous boy. Love em - he is a great cuddler too. But they seem to have coincided with the exact moment that I've been trying to soothe Mylo and keep him from losing the plot - easier said than done right now.

And every time we got a game started or a new toy out this weekend, either Mylo bumbled his way through it wrecking it completely annoying Noah. Or Noah would decide he HAD to do whatever Mylo was doing which upset an already fragile wee bubba just ready to go over the edge. I think I lost count of the number of times I lost my cool with Noah this weekend, and made him cry. Not proud of it,  but my patience levels were zip. Below zip. Not helped by the fact he always cries at the drop of a hat, and is over sensitive most of the time. And do you think he could ask me something once this weekend? Oh no, every time a request came, it was repeated over and over and over and over and over. Before I even had a chance to say yes or no. To the point where it was like finger nails scraping down a blackboard. But still no excuse for my lack of patience. Who knew getting back into routine after a holiday could be so much fun?!

Today, Noah and I escaped the house for a few hours today to attend one of his great buddies' birthdays. But even there, we couldn't relax and just enjoy ourselves. The wind, which was at gale force at times today was blowing so strongly through the park that just as the egg n spoon race started, the cardboard box holding all the prizes blew keen to Timbuktu with us all chasing madly after it trying to retrieve what we could. Noah, who has never been a great fan of the Wellington wind, lost the plot at that point and wanted to go inside. I tried to make a big joke about the wind saying 'let's just run into the wind and scream 'hey we're not scared of you' but he wasn't convinced. We held out long enough for the egg n spoon race but he kept whimpering and crying about going home. I gave in partway, so we went inside with a couple of the other parents and kids whose kids also weren't game enough to stay outside any longer. It was pretty windy, but my boy you live in Wellington, ya gotta harden up already! That's what I was thinking anyway.

I feel guilty even saying this but I'm actually looking forward to going to work tomorrow morning. Mark has drawn the Mylo short straw for tomorrow. It'll be a relief to be at work. There I said it. But I still feel guilty.

Oh I know, we all have days or weeks like this. In a perverse way, they're actually kinda necessary. To remind us that life does throw us some curveballs, and we shouldn't take for granted any of the Waltons Moments we have in between the crud. Its a bit harder to take coming hot on the heels of a wonderful summer holiday together, but that's life. That's reality.

But its what we choose to do with the crud, that's what defines us. Do we wallow, do we stress, do we switch on autopilot, do we just muddle through, do we bury our head under the pillow and cry that it's all too hard? I think I wanted to do all of the above and did some of the above at one stage or another this weekend.

Thankfully, God's mercies are new every morning. And boy I know I need them to be. Lord give me a fresh dose of patience to face the week ahead.

Onwards...onwards......thank you God that tomorrow is another day. It's not today again, it's not groundhog day. Every day I can choose how to respond. Sometimes I'll pass, sometimes I'll fail. But His mercies won't.

Thank goodness.


PaisleyJade said...

Ouch - yes, we often have those days/weeks/months! Hang in there. So grateful for God's strength. xoxo

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Phew, yes some weeks and days are certainly like this!!
Well done for ending on the positive.
'Everyday I can choose how to respond" - I love this line

Sammy said...

Great post, thanks for being so real. I sometimes feel I am the only one who has days/ weekends like that!

Penny said...

My friend I and were talking about that today, or similar to that...how you feel relief when your kids go for a nap or go to bed at night and some days you spend all day waiting for those times!! Not so nice to feel that way but hey, we all do (I think?)

I am sooooo thankful too that I can start each day with a clean slate

Jodi said...

My little "book of hope" had this quote for the day. Sounds like you could use it too. "Without pressure there are no diamonds" I hope you week gets better and better. Your family truely are "your diamonds". J X


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