24 January 2011

A Winky Wonky Week

Version 2: Not sure what happened to version one. Somehow in the middle of trying to italicise a 'p', my post posted. Of its own accord...aaargh. But I'm not finished yet....wail. Delete. Let's try that one again, shall we!

Not sure if you've read the Winky Wonky Donkey book, but it's quite apt for our week. You'll note that even the canvas slipped from its usual straight place on the wall.

Sickness hits, abates, then the next bout hits afresh another victim, abates, only for the next poor soul to go down (last to get hit was Mark last night). And so on. So a quiet weekend all round. No waterblasting, no painting, just surviving. One foot in front of the other.

But the donkey mask and tail is good to go for next weekend..

We ate in style (when we felt well enough), the highlight being Jamie's classic mince and onion pie on Saturday night, homemade pastry and all. The boys then had to put up with my hodge podge fish finger/hash brown concoction last night when Mark fell victim to 'the bug'.

Today Noah and I made Jaz's Lemon Lover's Slice in honour of her.I thought and prayed for her as we baked. Such a big day in her life today. It's not every day you undergo brain surgery. We wish you a speedy recovery. And your slice rocks too, I've lost count of how many pieces I've already eaten today :-)

Last night while I was washing up, I had a moment. This moment. It made my week.

I looked up from the sink and my little boy had climbed on the couch all on his own and was reading to himself. My heart just melted in a puddle on the floor. Truly.

And finally a walk to the park this afternoon ended our long weekend. The perfect tonic to counter a wild, wet weekend and being cooped up in a sick house!

There was climbing, and flower picking. Swinging, and play acting.

Mylo was fascinated by every bike belonging to every other kid at the park. Had to prise him away from them time after time. One nice lady did let him sit on her kiddie's bike for a bit which thrilled him no end. He was made up.

This little guy just clean chucks himself headfirst down the slide. Apparently there IS no other way. Hilarious. That was until he caught a random bounce and smacked his head on the slide. I think you can even see the head smack in the pic below...ouch. Tears and a blood nose but no real harm done.

We also spied a few wild blackberries by the side of the road on the way home and pounced!

Well we've got 3 days to get piece ourselves back together to a picture of full health now before English Grandma & Grandad arrive. They've already left England, and are winging their way to us via 2 nights in Singapore.

Well the canvas has been straightened once more, the sickness IS abating for the third time, and we wait in eager anticipation of Thursday afternoon's joyful reunion!


Dee said...

so pleased you had a moment. i'm finding it SO hard to stay IN IT this week...wanting to go back to my old ways of mentally hibernating. it's hard for me to stay awake and aware so thanks for the encouragement.
pleased you guys are on the mend. xo

PaisleyJade said...

So glad you are all getting better - beautiful photos and thinking of and praying for Jaz too.

Sarah said...

Glad to hear you are all on the mend. When we got home from hols this evening all our wall hangings seemed wonky! Maybe it was the Picton earthquake the other night! Bizzarre!

Enjoy having the relies to visit!

We have Chinese G & G for 3 more weeks!

About Last Weekend said...

Glad you are better. Great photos, black and white pics are always so atmospheric don't you think. Picking blackberries by the roadside...makes me think of my childhood


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