22 February 2011

Do not go gently....

I had written another holiday post last night and was planning to post it tonight. But I just couldn't bear to. Not when my heart is filled with so much heartache and sadness for our country. Little old NZ has been through the mill these past few months. As if the Christchurch earthquake back in September and the Pike River mine disaster in November weren't enough for our small nation to cope with.

Today, news that no-one expected to hear. ANOTHER earthquake causing utter devastation and loss of life again in Christchurch. One of our largest cities. And it seems as if the total extent of the loss will not be clear for some time.

We Kiwis are fighters. We will fight back from this. This is a beautiful country, sometimes called Godzone for how amazing it truly is. Natural wonders, and a nation of incredible people with pioneering spirits. We pray that all those who are waiting to be rescued and those doing the rescuing are given the strength they need to keep on going. To see this through.

God be with you all tonight in Christchurch. 

Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
Poet: Dylan Thomas


Leonie said...

its just so sad and devastating. Our prayers and thoughts are with the people of Christchurch. Kia Kaha New Zealand.

PaisleyJade said...


Penny said...

Yes it's so sad, am praying lots for them.

Anonymous said...

So sad, I think Australia is feeling the helplessness too... I love the ANZAC spirit though - we are fighters! xoxo


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