25 February 2011

Things I learnt on holiday and more that I'm loving right now....

Part of me wonders if there will ever be a good time to sit back and reflect on the joyous and wonderful holiday we had last week. Not when there are people just a few hundred kilometres down the road from here with no food, water, power, or toilet. And they are the lucky ones. 

But by the same token, I am also not sitting here on my butt saying 'how sad' and doing nothing.  Yesterday I set up a sponsored walk: Welly Walks the Walk for Christchurch.

So far I have $450 and twelve walkers....whoop whoop! Thank you so much for all your support already. And keep it coming peeps!

It felt somehow right then to take the original holiday post and add to it the things I'm loving since Tuesday (in red)...

Things I learnt on holiday......

1. Feeling smug and virtuous is a likely recipe for falling flat on one's face
I felt virtuous after managing over fifty kilometres on my bike during the holiday. I was feeling virtuous for even taking the bike on holiday in the first place. I felt entirely invigorated biking along a beautiful coastline and barely noticed the kilometres clocking up behind me each day.

But.......I was not feeling quite so virtuous after getting sunburnt knees when I got too engrossed in a book one afternoon and completely forgot to apply sunscreen on my legs. Sunburnt knees and bike riding are not a very good combo. Owwweeeeeeeee!

Today I'm loving that I still have two legs to be able to ride a bike.

2. Treasure hunts are equally as fun for the maker as the partaker

Today I'm loving that I still have my children to play games with.

3. It's never too early in the year to start eating hot cross buns. 
I am a hot cross bun addict. So if Pak n Save want to start selling them this early, they'll have at least one happy customer. Toasted under the grill with melted butter = perfection with a morning coffee.

Today I'm loving that I can drive to the supermarket in five minutes and pick up treats. I don't have a journey that takes ten times as long because the roads are nearly impassable. When I get home I can turn on my power and grill hot cross buns to eat without even thinking. 

4. Little boys will never tire of chocolate milkshakes. Ever.

Today I'm loving that our favourite cafes are still standing. 

5. It is actually possible to find a self-tan moisturiser that doesn't stink to high heaven.
And after years of searching, it's all thanks to Dove!

Today I'm loving that I can even have a hot shower and apply moisturiser.

6. The Kapiti Coast could otherwise be known as Punch Buggy Alley.
We must have seen at least five VW Beetles every day last week. And on one bike ride, I even spotted two identical lime green punch buggies parked within about 200 metres of each other on opposite sides of the road.

The best 'spot' of the week according to Noah was the two old 'Herbies' (as he calls them) he found at Southwards Car Museum.

And the little guy couldn't have been more in his element either, surrounded by a roomful of cars. He got plenty of chances to practice saying his new favourite word that's for sure!

Today I'm loving that we were able to visit this amazing collection of vehicles, to see the history, when so much history has just been lost.

7. It turns out the sea can be warm enough for even ME to swim in. 

Today I'm loving that we could swim so carefree in the sea, knowing that dry towels warmed in the sun and hot showers awaited us.

8. Little tigers love pretending to be big tigers.

Today I'm loving that little boys have toys to play with that aren't buried under silt or water or crushed by falling debris.

8. Digging holes to China takes a really long time.
In the end we just settled for holes big enough to splash in.

And splash we did.

Today I'm loving that this little soul doesn't have a care in the world. He can roll in water and sand knowing that mum and dad will be able to clean him up with as much hot running water as he needs. He rolls around and splashes in this substance, which is not unlike liquefaction, but the difference is he does it for fun. His ignorance is bliss.

What have you learnt to love again this week?


PaisleyJade said...

Loving your list - and love the way you've tied it in with thanfulness for the simple things.

Your holiday looked awesome - those chocolate milkshakes are amazing!! xoxo

tartankiwi said...

Beautifully written! Looks like a great holiday :-)


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