16 July 2011

Easy on a Saturday Morning

It's easy to forget that sleep-in feeling. But for us waking up and seeing the time was 7.30am was a feeling of pure unadulterated bliss. Particularly after a late night date night with hubby, starting with dinner at Red Ginger followed by a final farewell to our epic hero Harry (Potter).

But there was one good reason for the sleep-in. We were missing a child last night.The one whose body clock seems to be permanently set to spring out of bed raring to go at 6am these days. He wasn't literally missing, just not physically in the house, enjoying a sleepover with a friend last night, and by all accounts he was going to have a whale of a time eating Hell Pizza and camping out in the lounge in a tent overnight!

I had forgotten how easy time with one child is...Mylo got to come and jump all over us in bed this morning, keeping himself amused by turning the lights above the bed on, off, on, off, on off, on off, on off. He then enjoyed helping Daddy open up the curtains, which got my lazy body promptly jumping out of bed to grab the camera at the sight of the winter's sunrise.

The little guy is such a happy camper at amusing himself, much more so than his big brother who always likes to do things with someone. Mylo will quite happily wander off and amuse himself with one activity after the next for a good length of time.

Note the special friends bunny and giraffe taking a ride on the pirate ship as well as poor mini bunny whose head you might just make out. He must have done something very naughty to find himself relegated to hitching a ride on the sails!

Aah Harold the helicopter. You are so much fun to play with....that is until your batteries start to go, and then the constant whirring sound you make is less than music to our ears...especially after twenty solid minutes on the go!

It only took four months to get you interested Mylo, but we are so glad to see how you love your horsey now kiddo. You love to point out both your eyes and his, your ears and his, your nose and his.

And that's what's called an Easy Saturday morning in our house.

But we have missed our biggest little guy, so come home soon!


Penny said...

I can totally relate with the bliss of a sleep in! My boys' body clocks are both set to 6am, mostly. But sometimes they surprise with a 7am wake up and it feels sooooo goooood!
O I can't wait to see Harry Potter. Nice that you had some time out together xx

Ange said...

Mmm, that's a nice sleep-in. I laughed recently when a childless couple I know said they always got up "really early" on the weekends, at about 9am...
Sounds like a lovely date night =)

PaisleyJade said...

Oh yes, we have a couple of early risers in our house too and it's amazing the difference it makes when they aren't here. Beautiful sunrise photos - stunning!

jacksta said...

its amazing how quiet the house is with just one around!

Anonymous said...

Those photos are stunning. Ah the sleep in never fully appreciated until one has small children - that's my theory anyway!

dearfutureme... said...

Love your new header, and super gorgeous sunrise pics! No kids for me - but I do often start work at 6.30am so I get the thing about early rising (kinda!)

Catching the Magic said...

Such lovely photographs capturing Mylo at play - and so imaginative he is too :)

And those sky shots are beautiful - that's the one thing I miss in our home is far-reaching views - still we don't have far to walk for a good view :)

Lovely happy Saturday morning you had and hope big bro had a fun 'camp' over! x

Renee said...

What gorgeous pics of your darling little boy - my eldest girl has the same 'rabby' that she is still oh so attached to - hers is pink and we have had to get 4 of them as it's the end of the world! I can totally relate to the sleep in thing - this morning our kids must have been totally messed up but they slept in until 8am!!! I could hardly believe my eyes when I looked at the clock! Love those sunrise pics - you've captured it beautifully.


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