13 July 2011

Thoughts on Exploring Beauty

Been pondering lately, why DO I call this little escapism of mine 'Exploring Beauty'? Well, I'll attempt to answer that, but firstly, here's a short 'This is Your Life: MNM's blog'!

Post number 1: The Year so Far (July 2007). The blog originally started out as little more than a weekly round-up for family far and wide, and we posted once a week or once a fortnight all our family happenings from the somewhat exciting to the VERY mundane. There was a lot of growth and learning for us, new as we were to this whole parenthood lark (Noah was nearly a year old).

Two years later - Post number 100 - a memorable post coinciding with finding out we were going to have A baby brother for Noah (May 2009).

And one year later we hit Post number 200: We've hit the 200! (May 2010). This was just as I was heading back to work full-time after a wonderful 9 months at home with little Mischief Mylo. It was another change in our family circumstances, and I'm not going to lie, it was a big adjustment for each of us individually, and for all of us as a family unit. But mostly we have been able to ride out the bumpy patches thanks to the grace and strength of God leading and guiding the way. Illuminating the path when it seemed most dim!

Seven months later we hit Post number 300 around Christmas 2010 : What Makes a Merry Christmas - and with all the festivities and fun of the holiday I must say I didn't even notice!

And then only six months later, we've passed the 400 post mark!

Here's a little trip down the MNM's blog header memory lane. How she's changed!

Partway through last year, I added in the little phrase to our header. It just came to me one day, and it felt right. For who we are, and where we are at on this journey through life together.

The one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt that writing this blog has given me, that is of course aside from RSI in my fingers typing away furiously at the laptop and the lack of sleep from staying up too late blogging, is a much greater ability to recount joy in all of life's experiences. Even experiences that might otherwise be forgotten or ignored because they were just part and parcel of living life. There have been opportunities to focus on the positives amongst even the most negative situations. That's one of the reasons why I love posting a Things I'm loving posts every week, it's an opportunity to actively seek out the good, the funny, the great, the emotionally moving, the laugh-out loud, and the tear-jerking moments amongst the sometimes less than lovely days of everyday life.

There have been both victories and challenges, one day we'll feel like we just achieved a great milestone and then it's followed hot on the heels by a day we're just glad to put behind us. There's been more times of sickness than we care to remember but also days where we've felt simply on top of the world.

And that, my friends, is the beauty of life.

The ups and the downs, the swings and the roundabouts, the good and the bad. It's actually the messiness and the unpredictability that makes this life so beautiful. And coming from an obsessively organised gal that's really saying something!

I am truly excited at the opportunities that await. Opportunities to find beauty in new and unexpected places. In spaces, places and in times that we haven't yet dreamed of nor can we possibly comprehend right now. But beauty is there....and it's waiting to be found.

And whether we have to search high and low for it, looking in every nook and cranny, or whether it just falls out of the sky like a shooting star right at us, we will find it.

I love so much that you are Exploring Beauty with us, thanks for being part of this amazing journey so far!


Tracey said...

Wow - anothr fantastic; thought provoking post Meg. I must say in living vicariously through your blog I find myself trying to stay positive when at times the world truly seems out to get me. You give me faith that everything happens for a reason, and that in the end everything truly will be okay, Thanks for inspiring me to be better. xox

PaisleyJade said...

What a beautiful post Megs! Was just talking about blogging the other day with a couple of blogger friends and how it has been such a blessing.

I love seeing your headers - they are all so fab, and love your phrase. xoxo

Anonymous said...

it is so true
life, and all it offers is beautiful
beautifully funny
beautifully painful
beautifully full

your headers are amazing
love your creative eye with the camera
you really have a talent!

love and light

Penny said...

lovely, yes your headers are lovely....perhaps another tutorial coming up?

Penny said...

Nice read, Meg. I really like that phrase. Love all those headers actually!
P.s. I had a dream last night that I met you (was a rough night, don't usually have vivid dreams) and I gave you a hug and you were shorter than me! ha ha which by the way, hardly anyone is (I'm about 5'4")

Nikki said...

Your journey has been a pleasure to follow. Your beauty is portrayed in such a special way. I think it helps that you are so beautiful yourself and your family is so blessed and beautiful too! xxx

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Yay for your journey and that you love sharing it with us all. My favourite blogs are those that simply express the beauty of everyday life. You do that, and I love it.
Good, bad and ugly it all has it's own beauty. Keep on sharing!!! xoxo

meg said...

I love seeing all your old headers too. My blog doesn't really have a header any more but it's nice to keep the old ones to look back on.

Sammy said...

I love your blog! And yes I find it incredibly positive and uplifting. Here's to the next 400 posts!!!
And yes, am SO in for a bloggy get together in August!!!!


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