20 July 2011

Mid-week late night randomness

So it's way past my bedtime (as usual), and I'm ridiculously tired but, of course, I still feel the need to share some utter randomness with you all:

  • Our crazy cat has taking a liking to eating foam letters and numbers. We'd been making words in the bath at night with the letters and leaving them in a pile on the bottom of the bath afterwards. And now all of a sudden, I'm finding these half-eaten letters lying on the bathroom floor. Apparently the 'S' tasted good though, and the '9', and a couple of other letters I have yet to determine that are missing. Not entirely sure what the appeal is, but all I hope is that they're coming out the other end!
  • Last week I burnt my forehead on my hair straighteners. It hurt. And it left a mark. Doh.
  • I'm flying solo this weekend as Mark and a few mates are heading up to Auckland for the ice hockey. And not dreading it as much as I thought I would be? Which is a good thing!
  • I am utterly convinced that the few days after a full moon are THE most settled days of weather in the month - our summer holiday at the beach was also during this time, and the past few days here have just been magical, not at all reminiscent of the usual wild and windy Welly winter.
  • Work is crazier than crazy right now and I can hardly think straight for the amount of stuff flying around in my brain. And when you add on an upcoming change of routines with school just around the corner not to mention a big party to plan, it's no wonder I'm feeling a little physically pooped. Lots of random aches, upper back, tight calves, mouth ulcers, oh yeah - they're all throwing themselves at me at once. Thank goodness for the osteopath is all I can say. I'm already HANGING out for the appointment tomorrow.
  • I am craving sushi hard out this week...I never buy my lunch, it's usually homemade soup 5 days straight, so I just might have to treat myself for lunch on Friday!

Like I said, total randomness. That is me right now. All over the place.

P.s. Has anyone got a tried and tested plain cupcake recipe they could share? We're gonna do a dry run for the party cupcakes by making another batch for Noah's Happy Last Day celebration at daycare next week, so all  recipe ideas gratefully received!


PaisleyJade said...

What a funny cat!! Haha. I do hope they are coming out the other end too. Re the cupcake recipe... I often use the one from the rainbow cake as it's easy to mix up and always turns out great. At the bottom of this post here: http://meredith-countitalljoy.blogspot.com/2010/02/rainbow-cake.html

Ange said...

Ooh, I've burned my forehead with straighteners before - it really hurts! Hope your burn heals fast.
When you find a good plain cupcake recipe, can you let me know?!

jacksta said...

I recommend Monincas (Delisimons) Fudgecake recipe for cupcakes. Dairy and egg free.
And yes on the sushi! Had my fix yesterday.

Renee said...

Ooooh sushi - YUM. I have been saying for a long time I want to get in to making it myself - then I could eat as much as I like!

Funny cat! I used to have a cat that loved to lick the bath/shower after we'd finished - maybe the heat or water left on them has some attraction?

And I have done the straightener burn before - OUCH! A friends little girl picked hers up one day while they were still turned on and got quite a serious burn - so I'm so careful with mine now!

Simoney said...

Hey Meghan...
Firstly - i love the "new" black and white header. It might already be a few days old to others, But its new to me, cos I've been AWAY.
Secondly the hands-down BEST cupcake recipe is the Edmonds book one.
Its SO simple and Always turns out perfectly light and moist, even with my gluten free flour. Plus its so easy and uses no complicated special ingreds. If you don't have an edmonds book let me know and I'll email you the recipe

Penny said...

I've had the forehead burn too. Hurts horribly.
And what a strange cat you have lol.
I've been making my own sushi lately. It's surprisinly easy and makes enough for dinner and lunch the next day. Let me know if you want the recipe x

Penny said...


having gone through the school starting, I know what you mean, i was EXHAUSTED after the kindy graduation, first day of school, birthday party week.
Re the cupcakes, a friend of mine just uses the one in the edmonds book, super easy and good enough for kids- lets face it mine just lick off the icing most of the time anyway :) I cheated for our party and used the premade betty crocker frosting, it piped great onto the cupcakes and was well, again super easy- and quite reasonable given the price of butter!

About Last Weekend said...

Love the burning hair on hair straighteners, doh! poor you. I get my hair straightened (The Brazilian, so don't need it anymore...)

Anonymous said...

The Nigella Lawson recipe that you throw in the whizz is a good one - I'm sure it would be online somehwere.


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