25 July 2011

While you were away...

While you were away Daddy.....

we finally had haircuts...don't we look swish?!

 we ate nachos for dinner one night (thanks for making the mince before you left) and heated up a left-over casserole the next (thanks for making that one a week ago). We're pretty pleased to have you back though cos you cook WAAAAY better than Mum. Sure she can bake, but her cooking isn't a patch on yours!

we made a balloon man after reading about one in Noah's reader from daycare

we visited the pet shop and spied on bunnies, rats, birds, fish, dogs and cats

we came home with a free cuddly cat heat pack/bean bag for Murphy to match the one we already had stuffed in the cupboard. But suddenly these 2 cuddly bean bags are the best thing since sliced bread. So we've both been taking them to bed with us ever since.

we visited a friend and her new bubba a half hour drive away taking some carrot muffins we'd baked (sadly they looked nothing like your version Paisley Jade, I'm not sure quite where I went wrong and I'm too ashamed to post pics of the evidence!). They tasted ok, just weren't very pretty to look at.

we ate breakfast in our sunnies

and then the motorbike gang hit the road

we both had a playdate with friends from daycare while Mum went to church

we lost count of how many times we got in and out of the car in the rain this weekend but...

of course we braved the elements one more time to come and pick you up from the airport.

Thanks for bringing us home Dunkin Donuts Daddy, we missed you!

And that you came home no worse for wear after your boys' weekend away in Auckland...well that was even better!

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