09 September 2011

Things I'm Loving 9.9.11

Going All Black
Despite being somewhat blase about the whole Rugby World Cup up until now, with the official ceremony later on today and both daycare and school planning dress up days today to commemorate the start of the tournament, it would appear that there is just NO WAY to ignore it any longer.

Noah was only ever going as one man - note the positive attitude about who is gonna be holding the Cup in 6 weeks time - I like it! Thanks to Daddy for the homemade outfit - it scrubbed up rather well!

And it seems that as I can't even escape rugby at breakfast time, I'd better just get used to the fact that this is how it's gonna be for the next six weeks!

Noah's Writing
We had our parent teacher interview on Wednesday night, and Noah's teacher showed us his story book. I was just blown away by how much it had progressed in a month, and it was wonderful to see examples of his can-do attitude to writing his own words, which is exactly why he was awarded the K.C. Award at assembly a couple of  weeks ago.

I went to the airport.
I went on a aeroplane.
I went to see my Nana and Poppa.

I saw the butterfly in the cocoon.
The butterfly was laying eggs.

Daisy pic 
Happiness is...made with love.

My best Baddy
After our parent teacher interview we came away buzzing by the positive feedback given about Noah which backed up the written report we received a couple of weeks ago. The words 'fantastic start' and 'a credit to you' were just two of the phrases used. And one phrase I never thought I'd hear said about Noah was that the teacher sees him as a 'risk taker' - in the context of not being afraid to give anything a go. Pure awesomeness! He also scored really high on the reading and oral language tests they are given, and she gave examples of how eloquent Noah is, and how he asks intelligent and informed questions in class. She actually got a little emotional when she was talking about Noah receiving his award in assembly and how proud she was when she heard him politely thank the principal when he shook her hand.

Of course, there are many growth areas where Noah can improve - we are under no illusion nor would we have you all believe he's an angel. His pencil grip for one, remembering to wait his turn in class discussions and not interrupt others and a bit of ongoing confusion about mixing up B's and D's just a few of the areas that were mentioned.

This actually played out in a very funny way when I got Noah to write Mark's Fathers Day card last week. It was all going so well writing 'To The Best' but when it came to 'Daddy' we started off with a giant capital B and suddenly we were celebrating 'The Best Baddy'. Thankfully it was nothing that a little white paper and a glue stick couldn't fix! And Mark found it pretty humorous anyway!

When Pain is Good
After our change in routines to work around the school day, early morning Wii Fit stretch sessions are no longer an option for me, and I'm finding I'm way too lazy in the evenings to contemplate getting it out from under the couch, or trying to compete with Mark for the TV itself. So enter Dynamic Pilates just up the road in Karori. I used to do a lunchtime Pilates class in town for years, but I've not done a proper class for about 3 years now and the back/neck trouble I've been having lately have me convinced my body needs to become a "powerhouse" (the instructors words not mine) again. I went to the intro class tonight (Wednesday at the time of writing) which was pretty fast-paced but felt good although I just know I'm going to be in a whole WORLD of pain in two days time.

But I like it when pain is good. When you know it's actually doing something for your body. And getting off my evening couch potato butt to do something positive for me and my body well that felt pretty darn good too.

The Moon Man's Time is Coming
So a certain little person will be turning TWO very soon, and although we are NOT (repeat NOT) going to town like we did for the Star Wars party (which was nearly the death of me!), I couldn't resist throwing together a quick animated invite earlier this week to send to a few nearest and dearest who are coming over for a quiet coffee and cake affair next weekend. Enjoy!

After three very busy weekends in a row, we are looking forward to a quieter weekend, well as quiet as it ever gets in our household anyway!

Hope you all have a restful and relaxing weekend wherever you are and whatever you choose to do.

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