19 September 2011


you are in the middle of making cupcakes for a certain 2nd birthday party at daycare tomorrow....

and your husband all of a sudden abandons you without any warning to go and meet the entire Wallaby rugby team for drinks and nibbles at the Australian High Commisssion.....

and it's right on bath-time.....

Is it really any wonder that the cupcakes turned out looking like this?

Possibly the world's most EPIC cupcake fail ever.

And when you then leave a naked 1.99 year old fresh out of the bath running around the lounge in the nudie in order to pull said cupcakes out of the oven, is it any wonder that you return to a puddle of wee on the carpet?

Aha. You gotta laugh, right?!

If you could, just for a moment, put on your best Dory voice in your heard, and remember that line in Finding Nemo where she says 'I shall name him Squishy, and he shall be my Squishy', well here's my version:

I shall name them Crazy Face Cakes, and they shall be my Crazy Face Cakes.

p.s. In all fairness, the night would have probably gone swimmingly if Mark hadn't got the day wrong (he thought it was Wednesday) and was surprised to get a call from the guy organising the meet and greet to say how far away was he at five minutes before bathtime while I was busy putting the cupcakes in their patties? Mark was like what the ....especially as he was meant to be playing indoor footy tonight as well at the same time. I guess it's not everyday a gal gets stood up for a date with the Aussie rugby team either though?!

And I'm sure that 25 hungry 1-3 year olds are not even going to notice how mashed-up looking my wanna-be cupcakes look, cos no doubt most of them will get instantly mashed by little fingers as soon as they get hold of them anyway!

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