18 September 2011

A trampoline, a rugby game and a petit party

You can probably tell from the title that we had a random mix of activities going on in our house this weekend.

Starting with a trip to the zoo with the boys after school on Friday, followed by takeaway burger n chips before Daddy headed out to watch the rugby with friends.

On Saturday morning, our friends Tracey & Dayne (down from the Hawkes Bay) came for morning tea, and with the weather as still and sunny as it ever gets in Wellington, after lunch Mark and I took it upon ourselves to build the trampoline we've bought for the boys as a combined birthday and Christmas present. We'd been keeping an eye out for a 10 foot tramp since our backyard space is limited and had been waiting for NZ Tramps to put out a smaller model into the market for the past few months (previously they only had a 12 or 14 foot).

So the box arrived on Thursday and we figured Saturday afternoon was as good a chance as any to get into it. Now before I start this, I must preface it with the fact that neither of us are known for our DIY skills. Period. So it was probably somewhat ambitious to take on the complete assembly of a trampoline from just 2 boxes! Anyway, before we started the exercise, Mark felt the need to preface it by saying 'I love you' which he was clearly hoping was going to ward off any potential divorce proceedings if things did not go well with the installation!

Funnily enough, the tramp itself was easy-peasy and we had it up within half an hour. Bear in mind, the instructions say that the assembly should take 2 adults 2 hours to complete. So we were feeling pretty smug at this point. But the last laugh was on us. The vertical poles and net were flippin difficult, not helped by the instructions talking about 3 different kinds of nuts with very poor examples of which was which, combined with instructions that proceeded as if we had a 12 or 14 foot tramp not the 10. Needless to say, there was a fair amount of backtracking and reworking as we tried to figure out what the heck we were meant to be doing. But we got there in the end, and the best bit...we were still happily married by the end of it. There was definitely some GOOD teamwork going on and no one lost their rag with anyone else...AMAZING!

Noah waited patiently ALL afternoon for us to finish and in the end only got a few minutes to jump on the tramp before he and I had to head off to the rugby. And then it rained all morning this morning...poor boy was gagging to get out on it! But he did manage a good jump around on it later on this afternoon with Jackie.

So...the rugby. It was a stunning Welly night and Noah enjoyed the outing (I think). He seemed pretty convinced he wanted to go home after five minutes, mostly due to two girls screaming 'Bokka' at the top of their lungs from the seats behind us which was a bit unnerving, even for me. The hot chips and donuts I bought during the game seemed to provide enough of a bribe to keep him happy enough to stick around till the 70th minute in the end though.

As we were about to leave and were standing up high in the stands, I told him to look around and savour the moment, that it was a special moment in his life to be here, and it could well be another 20-odd years before he has the opportunity to go to another Rugby World Cup match. No doubt that fact was completely lost on him right there and then, but maybe in the future he will think 'wow...I've actually been to a RWC match' and that will be pretty cool. I also couldn't tell you the last time I was at an International rugby game so I LOVED the experience despite supporting Fiji who really did play pretty pitifully!

And onto today...well today was a little celebration for Mylo's 2nd birthday (the actual day on Tuesday). It was meant to be a pretty low-key affair from the start, but ended up even more so when over half the people that had planned to come were unable to make it in the end.

A moon cake for our moon-mad Mylo 

But it was still lovely with the very small number of friends we had here, and at this age he didn't need or want any more than a few chippies, bikkies and a bit of birthday cake.

And so ends another weekend....packed to the max in true MNM's style!


PaisleyJade said...

What a great weekend. Happy birthday Mylo - love the cake!!

Leonie said...

wow Meghan, you sure pack a lot into a weekend!
Haha about the tramp, I especially like the 'I love you' beforehand.
Cool cake too and those rugby pics are awesome.

Gail said...

Fab weekend! What a treat to go to the rugby!!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Mylo! The "I love you" before assembling the tramp made me laugh. Looks like great fun!

Jaz from Treacy Family said...

Love that cake meg. Simple yet perfect. Well done xxxxxxx J

dearfutureme... said...

Sounds like a fun packed weekend! Good job putting up the trampoline yourselves! Happy birthday Mylo!

jacksta said...

so much good stuff to comment on!
Haha I love that line "I Love You" A great way to start a DIY project together!
Yay for getting to go the rugby!
And what a cool cake.
Happy Birthday Little Mylo!

Sammy said...

What a great weekend as always, love hearing about your adventures!


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