20 January 2012

Things I'm Loving 20.1.12

Our names in letters
How's this for a cool crafty gift? It came with love all the way from the lovely Nikki from Life's Wonderful Happenings in London for our boys. Might just have to pin this one to Pinterest for future gift ideas!

I love this time of the year. Drive through any coastal town around NZ, and you'll see a myriad of shades of red   on each different tree. I'm a little bit gutted that our trees at home don't seem to be doing much - a true sign of a summer that hasn't been much chop so far, so I'll just have to make do with enjoying my photos from more glorious specimens captured on our recent travels up north.

Jotta A 
The voice of an angel. This twelve year old boy has been compared to Michael Jackson and has been singing on Brazil's You've Got Talent. He has a totally amazing vocal range, can pretty much sing in ANY key, and I'm sure we could be hearing a lot more of him in the future.

Scooter boy
Someone is desperate to be like his older brother. Determined, and just a bit of practice and he's off and racing. Next challenge, the running bike, although his legs probably do still need to grow a couple of centimetres!

Downton Abbey
I'm probably a bit behind the 8-ball on this one, but if you haven't already been totally transfixed by this series, you must must must watch it. We were given Season 1 & 2 for Christmas, and have done an intensive over the Christmas holidays. The drama, the characters, the costumes, the grand houses. Even hubby has been completely enchanted. It won a Golden Globe this week, fully deserved me thinks!

When crafting next calls
I love it when I get gifts thoughtfully given. This was my lovely Christmas present from my bro Sam & his lovely Alesha (although I'm pretty sure Alesha had more to do with it than he did!). You can just see a glitter glue stick peeking out there, yuss...just the excuse I need to join the hot glue gun club!

Back in time
When we journeyed through Italy in 2002, it became more than just a place of interest. Forever it will be the place where two hearts decided that life was meant to be lived together. I have my lovely engagement ring to show for it, and my rather Swatch crazed husband then dragged me into every Swatch store in Italy while we looked for that perfect engagement gift for him. Enter the Sergio Garcia Swatch, which he wore religiously until the rubber connectors on the strap corroded over time. Off and on, he's searched over the years for a replacement strap, but it was only recently that he found a dude in Italy selling them (and with much improved metal connectors not rubber). It's nice to see it on your wrist again, baby, to bring back the memories of those sweet innocent days of our young love under the Tuscan spring sun.

Homemade Gnocchi
Did I ever tell you my hubby was clever?! Well he is.

Boys will be boys
Daddy had been eyeing up these motorised Nerf ThunderStrike water pistols for a few weeks and had been dying to buy them for the boys. When they went on sale after Christmas, he could resist no longer. I have to admit they are pretty cool, apart from having to remind the chilluns that they are OUTDOOR toys only after a few wayward shots!

Love Where You Live

So I've created a linky button for my Love Where You Live series. Do ya like it? Simone's already hooked up her quintessential Kiwi Summer post Just Down The Road. When you next share something you love about where you live, why not link on up!

And that my friends is that. The weekend is nearly here. It's a long one here in Wellington, yeeha! Here's hoping for some warm still weather for more crazy water fights and scootering. I'm off to enjoy!



jacksta said...

Ive always wanted try and make some gnochi!

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PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful photos and I too have always wanted to try making gnochi but am too scared!!!


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